Why Your Snowboard 180 Spins Aren’t Smooth

Welcome to a new video series where I take footage from my Snomie VIP member’s group and breakdown a key mistake in their technique and how to fix it.

This week we’re looking at 180s!

How to make your 180s buttery smooth and stylish:

Extra notes:

I will say, it’s not strictly *wrong* to use a bit of counter rotation for your spins. However, using counter rotation in spins is slightly more advanced and you want to be able to do 180s with typical upper body leading technique first.

Later as you get better you’ll be able to start mixing in counter rotation with style, but it’s important to know the difference between the rotations and be able to do 180s well with normal upper body leading rotation first.

One other thing I’ll add is that with bs 180s you do want to be careful with where you look. You’ll notice on some of his bs 180s he tried to look forward again as he finished the backside 180 and landed. This leads to overrotation and ideally you want to land any bs 180 spin looking backwards, back up the hill to land.

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- Jed

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