3 Things You Should Be Doing After EVERY Day On The Ski Slopes

So you come home after a long day of snowboarding and you just want to crash on the couch and watch Family Guy, but hold on, there are a few things you should do first.

1) Don’t store your snowboard in the elements

K2 Parkstar

If you leave your snowboard outside on your front door, you’re asking for someone to either steal it or for more snow and water to gather on it and rust your edges/bindings.

Trust me, plenty of snowboards have been stolen from the front of houses in Whistler.

If you’re going snowboarding the next day, you don’t have to towel off your snowboard or do anything major, but just try to stick your snowboard under cover where it can drip dry and won’t get snow or rain falling on it.

Standing it up in the garage is usually a safe bet, although make sure it’s not going to fall over because that’s how you split your edges open and ruin your snowboard.

2) Take your boot liners out

Snowboard Boot Liner

If you rode a long, hard day on the slopes, your boot liners are going to be a little wet, that’s 100% normal. However, you don’t want them to stay wet or you’re not going to have fun putting your feet into your boots tomorrow.

Also, wet liners start to really stink over time. No one likes that.

To dry out your boot liners just pull them out of your boot and stick them somewhere warm. Warning: Do not put them ON an actual heater… that’s how you melt your boot liners.

3) Dry your gloves

Pow Stealth Glove

Wet gloves suck. Not only will your hands be cold the next day, but they’re going to start stinking if you don’t dry your gloves regularly.

I like to throw my gloves in the dryer if they’re soaked, but in most cases putting them in the vicinity of a heater does the job. Oh and just like boot liners I don’t recommend putting them directly on a heater because they’ll melt.

So there are 3 things you should be doing every day after snowboarding. It doesn’t take long, so do this before you start watching Family Guy.

– Jed

ps – Sorry, I know this there wasn’t a Whistler video on our youtube channel last week, I’m just waiting for our video people to send me the new Snomie TV intro clip. He’s sending it to me this Thursday, but I’ll try to do a quick video before then anyway.

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  1. I’ve found putting the boot liners outside/in the garage is best. Drying in the cold keeps bacteria (which likes warm/moist climate) from growing, which keeps that boot funk smell to a minimum even after lots of use.

    • Interesting, may have to try that. I haven’t had any problems with smelly boots since I started using Gran’s Remedy foot powder in my boots though.

      Wow, that sounds like something out of a commercial haha.

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