3 Mistakes Every Beginner Snowboarder Can Fix RIGHT NOW

Today’s reader question:

Are there any things I can do to instantly improve my snowboarding? Like gear tweaks or stupid things I might be doing that I can stop and see improvement right away?

Well assuming you’re not doing something silly like riding a maxed out 26″ stance if you’re 5′ 1″, I can’t comment on your gear setup, but here are 3 things that basically every beginner does that you can stop doing right away to see immediate improvements in your riding.

1) Stop touching the inside of your goggle lens

This is a hard one to follow since snow and other stuff gets inside your lens when you crash, but always do your best to avoid touching the inside of your goggle lens.

Your goggles come with anti-fog coating on the inside of your lens. You will screw up that anti-fog coating if you touch it, so keep those fingers and towels away from the inside of your goggles.

In the event that snow does get inside your lens, shake it out, then dry it out, but don’t rub the lens, especially not with a paper towel like a lot of people seem to do on the hill.

If you’ve already wiped the inside of your lens and screwed up the anti-fog coating, there’s an excellent product you can buy called ‘cat crap’ (it’s seriously named cat crap), and you’ll want to use that to add an anti-fog coating back into the inside of your goggle lens.

2) Stop looking at trees

When you ride tree runs, stop looking at the trees. I know your first instinct is to look at the obstacles in your way, but your snowboard goes where you look, which means looking at trees results in faceplanting into a tree.

Always look at the gaps between the trees when doing tree runs and never at the trees themselves.

3) Stop comparing yourself to other riders

I’ve said it a hundred times on this blog (minor exaggeration), but I’ll say it again: Stop comparing your progress to snowboarders better than you.

This holds so many snowboarders back because they get intimidated by better riders and are afraid to just go for it because they think they’ll look stupid.

The sooner you stop comparing yourself to others, the sooner you can focus on your own riding goals and work on what you need to be working on instead of worrying about whether you’ll look like a beginner.

You gain nothing except psyching yourself out when you compare yourself to some random snowboarder who has 1000 days of riding under his belt.

I’ve always said that the fastest learners are the riders who just plain don’t care whether they look stupid or look like beginners because they’re going to focus better and try more things than your average snowboarder.

So there you go. If you stop doing those 3 things you’ll instantly stop causing your goggles to fog up, stop running into trees (kinda important) and increase your learning speed by lightyears.

– Jed

ps – I know there wasn’t a new video on the Snomie YouTube channel this Wednesday, it was just uploaded a few days early instead of waiting until Wednesday. In general I’ll always have 1 new snowboard video per week, but some weeks I may upload it earlier than Wednesday.

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  1. These are just good tips for anybody.

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