4 Ways To Kick Life In The Balls & Get What You Want

This blog will be re-done as a vlog for my YouTube channel later once I get my internet working properly here in Korea, but for now I wanted to write it as a blog and later when I do record the video version of this I’ll post it up.

It’s part of a new thing I want to try while I’m here in Korea, where I just walk and talk about stuff because I want to Snomie to be more personal, open and not just a random guy named ‘Jed’ from some snowboard blog you read.

So here’s the truth… if you have a dream or something you really want to accomplish, life is going to do it’s best to kick it out of you and give you ‘easy outs’.

I suggest you take option b and kick life in the balls to get what you want.

That’s one of the big things I learnt going from $0 to what will be a 6 figure business with Snomie this year.

Whether it’s some big snowboard goal, or life goal or whether you want to become the world’s best pumpkin eater, whatever you think it’ll take to reach your goal, triple that difficulty and you may be close to the real challenge ahead of you.

But that’s not to say that you can’t accomplish amazing or do things that everyone else thinks is impossible…. because you can, but you have to get past these obstacles first:

1) AMAZING excuses will be given to you

Life is great at giving you ‘outs’. The more amazing your goal and the more out of the ordinary it is, the more life will give you excuses to quit.

After all, you’re doing the abnormal, so if you quit you’ll just be like everyone else right? Yeah… except you don’t get what you want by being like everyone else and quitting when things get difficult.

Sure it’s easy to quit and your friends will give you plenty of reasons why it’s okay to be mediocre, but you have to ask yourself how much do you want it?

I guarantee that if you accept the excuses people give you to quit, you won’t get very far and you will be mediocre. If you want amazing, be prepared to reject the convenient excuses that people will make for you to quit.

2) Impossible isn’t always impossible (it’s just really hard)

You will fail, you will suck, you will screw everything up… but so what? That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It means you get back up and try a different approach.

I don’t believe in impossible because people overuse the term ‘impossible’. Hard is not impossible. It’s simply hard and it means you have to work to find a solution.

How hard? Well think about Tesla, the electric car company that’s seeing crazy success recently.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, was laughed at by the industry for trying to build electric cars. He was told it was impossible due to the size, manufacturing costs and power limitations of batteries.

Impossible? No. Extremely hard? Yes.

He had to literally change how batteries were manufactured and invent an entire system for swapping out an electric car’s batteries faster than you can re-fuel your typical petrol car.

And now stock in Tesla has gone from $30 to over $160 in the past 12 months and the people who laughed at him are now trying to copy him. Funny how that works out.

3) Failure is just a way to figure out what needs changing

Anyone who says they achieved great success without failing and screwing things up along the way is either a liar or has better luck than a $150 million dollar powerball winner.

You will run through failures. Many failures. Life will try to kick you while you’re down and try to make you submit. It’s your choice to decide how much you want it and whether you’re willing to learn from failure and change your approach.

You guys may have noticed I gave a lot of crap to some companies like the ridiculous ‘LED Snowboards’ for their stupid invention, but it’s not because they tried to build a product around a stupid idea, but because they didn’t seem to learn and adapt and decided to ignore anyone who disagreed with them.

Stupid ideas are fine and are required to be successful, but you have to see mistakes and failures, and learn, adapt and improve when things don’t work out.

You can spend all your time, effort and money building the Titanic, or you can learn from a few failures and problems along the way and build a ship that isn’t going to sink.

4) Have some giant balls

Going back to my Tesla reference, many nerds/business people will know that Elon Musk is the billion dollar co-founder of Paypal. You may say that he has a huge cushion going into making Tesla and making it succeed right?

After all, being a billionaire probably makes it easier to take risks right? Well, what many people don’t realize is Elon Musk spent his entire fortune and lived off huge loans from friends while making Tesla successful (which it almost wasn’t and Tesla came very close to running out of money several times).

How much balls and determination do you think it took for Elon Musk to say, “I’ll put up my entire billion dollar fortune into this idea” while knowing that if he failed he would lose everything.

The answer: A lot, but that’s why he had the opportunity to be successful.

Oh and one more thing…

Sometimes you just have to plan as best you can, then jump in there and figure things out as you go. Be prepared to do a lot of things you’ve never done before and to screw up while running into every obstacle imaginable.

The perfect situation may not come and you may spend your entire life waiting for a perfect situation while you miss your opportunity.

The truth is perfect situations come from finding an imperfect situation and making a lot of mistakes and changes until it becomes that perfect situation. Everyone else will come around later and think you started with a perfect situation.

– Jed

ps: Speaking of adapting to imperfect situations, apparently Korea has a random 5 day holiday starting today, so I assume I won’t be getting my much needed work desk+chair delivered this week… figuring out a temporary working solution right now because it seems that although paid Korean internet is amazing, the free wi-fi at their coffee shops is horrible for trying to upload videos.

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  1. jed…as always loving this sight..getting me hungry for the winter seaosn! keep up the great work/posts as usual and hope you have fun in korea!
    as for this article: just in the final stages of setting up my online business and this is inspiration- particualrly this line:
    ‘The perfect situation may not come and you may spend your entire life waiting for a perfect situation while you miss your opportunity.’
    this makes me tink i may go approach a potential business partner to join my business rather than wait for me to grow my business a bit as i don’t want to let them slip…now or never i suppose!

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