5 Helmets That Won’t Make Your Head Huge

The biggest downside of wearing most helmets is that you get the giant ‘egg’ head look. No one likes that.

So here are 5 low profile helmets that will look good on the hill.

1) Sandbox Certified Brain Bucket

A great helmet that’s become insanely popular since Sandbox Films first released them a few years ago. Previous models did not come with a certified liner but since last year, brain buckets are now available with a certified EPS liner.

Extras: 3 sizes of changeable padding and removable ear pads/goggle clip

Sandbox Helmet

2) Bern Carbon

A low profile, lightweight helmet from Bern that utilizes carbon fiber to make it incredibly strong as well as lightweight.

Extras: Removable knit liner that extends to cover your ears.

Bern Carbon Helmet

3) Smith Maze

Smith did great work by making the Maze. It’s not only low profile but it’s also the lightest certified helmet available at only 11.5 oz (0.33 kg).

Extras: Removable ear pads and optional skullcandy bluetooth/headphone audio ear pads.

Smith Maze Helmet

4) Pro-Tec Riot

Pro-Tec’s lowest profile, lightweight helmet. Worn by none other than pro shredder Andreas Wiig.

Extras: Removable one piece liner/ear pads, optional audio headphone earpads.

Protec Riot

5) Red Mutiny

Burton’s version of the low profile, lightweight brim helmet. Features a velcro free interior designed to accommodate those who wear beanies under their helmet.

Extras: Removable ear pads, optional headphone audio inserts for your ear pads

Red Mutiny Helmet

Extra tip:

Remember to replace your helmet after a big hit. The foam liner inside helmets are not designed for multiple large crashes.

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