5 Reasons To Quit Your Job and Live at a Ski Resort.

Loving the Snow

I’ve lost count of the number of people that I’ve met in Whistler who tell me, “I wish I could live here and ski every day.” I always tell them that if they love the snow that much, they should just do it.

The usual response is “How will I make a living?” or they say “Yep. I should.” then they just keep saying that for the rest of their snow trip before they go back home.

Here’s 5 reasons why quitting your job and moving to a ski resort isn’t such a bad idea.

1) Your job is ‘okay’

The biggest problem for most people is that they are ‘okay’ with their job. It’s not that they hate their job, but it doesn’t make them really happy either. People can go through their whole life having an ‘okay’ job and an ‘okay’ life.

Being ‘okay’ shouldn’t be your goal in life. Don’t you want to be happy waking up each morning? When people ask you “How’s life?” you should want to be able to respond with “Amazing.”

2) It’s not as hard as you think

People seem to talk about moving to a ski resort as some sort of incredibly hard task. It’s not. Lots of people do it every year. In fact, every person I’ve interviewed for the Snomie Podcast has been through that.

You just have to do it. Stop sitting around saying “What if…” and go start taking steps to make it happen! Start saving, look for a job and find some accommodation. Nothing gets done unless you take action.

3) The worst case scenario isn’t that bad

Everyone always thinks about the worst case scenario of what happens when they can’t find a job, run out of money and have to start all over again. Is it really that bad?

Lets look at this closer.

You fail and go back home. How long will it take for you to get another ‘okay’ job? You already have the experience and qualifications. Maybe this means you’ll have to work a job flipping burgers at Mcdonalds for 6 months.

So you lose a little bit of time, but now you don’t end up as that 50 year old man/woman looking back at your life and wondering “What if I had tried?”

4) Worst case scenarios rarely happen

Think about it. How often does the worst case scenario happen? Less than 5% of the time? Now look at what you have to gain.

If you succeed, you get to be truly happy. You get to wake up every day with amazing mountains and ski slopes right outside your door and you get to really love your life.

5) Success isn’t defined by how much money you make

You can be the richest guy in the world and make millions every year, but how much fun and happiness did you have along the way? What does all that money mean compared to the guy who makes $40k a year and has been waking up every morning knowing that he loves his life.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, it comes down to how much you value happiness. This applies to everything, even outside of skiing and snowboarding. Maybe you don’t want to live at a ski resort, but you really love making cupcakes. Follow that desire and follow what makes you happy.

Take that first step. Make it happen, because sitting around all day and making excuses won’t make you happy.

Tell me – What makes you happy and gets you excited about life?

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  1. Agreed. Nice blog. keep it up!

  2. I think this is much easier if you are young and single. Things get quite complicated when wife and kids get in the picture. there is then responsibility for other people’s lives!

    I can only dream!

    • I think it’s definitely still possible, but I agree with you, it’s a lot more complicated and takes more work for someone with a wife and kids.

      Family should always comes first.

  3. Just found your blog and I just had to say I’m loving it. I did this, last winter, quit my OKAY life and went off to the Alps to be a chalet host. I loved it. I’m going back this winter. Same resort, same chalet, same excitement at the first snow, that first run of the season, that lush feeling you get from doing something that makes you happy, can’t wait!

  4. Whatever it may be….. Go for your dream!

  5. Snow Travel Mag says:

    Nice work Jed. And all spot on. Snow Travel Mag are with you 100% on this!

  6. I actually have a friend who started a business making cupcakes straight after high school because that’s what she loved! Great blog Jed, thanks for all the informative and entertaining posts.

  7. Hey Jed!
    I’m a 23 year old dane and I recently quit my job in the Royal Danish Airforce to become a carpenter’s apprentice. I quit my well-paid job because it just wasn’t me. I like being outdoors and I like being active.

    Here’s the thing tho, between my job and the start of my apprenticeship I had 4 months where I filled roughly 3 weeks of those 4 months with snowboarding.
    Now, I’ve been on skiing vacations since I was a child but I’ve never really been at it for more than 1 week a year. Since I’m living in Denmark I’m pretty much confined to the 1-trip-a-year way of life.. But being out there shredding for approx. 21 days total really got me thinking: “This.. this is the shizz. I’d love to be able to snowboard alot more than I’ve done in my (short) life. And I’d like to do this until the day I die, or at least until I’m physically impaired to do so” – Could you imagine some 80 year old dude going down a groomed run or hitting the park yelling: “HELL’A YEAH!”? 😛
    Anyway… I feel like I have this itch I can’t scratch with the current way of life I have, and I feel like it would stop itching if I just moved to a ski-resort and lived my life there!
    Now.. I’m not delusional, I’m never gonna go pro, but I’d say I’m pretty smart and I have people who would agree with me. I’ve been through situations during my military career where you’d just have to say: “Fuck it, this might not be a perfect solution, but shit has got to go down and it’s gonna go down now. Respond quickly and adapt as you go.”. Therefore I think I’d be well-equipped to actually try and make it happen, try getting a job in a different country when I’m done as a carpenter’s apprentice and I’m suddenly an atual carpenter. Perhaps even set a Passive Income business up. (Read some of the blogs about that). I’ve learnt alot of how to stay positive and motivated and incorporating that into e.g. physical fitness. I know alot about how the body responds to working out and I feel, if I really put my back into a venture like that, I might be successful at it.. to some extent 😛

    Which is pretty much a part of who I am, I’ve always just lived on a day to day assessment trying to be as damn near happy as I could be on that particular day.

    I’ve got this idea in my head and it just won’t stop grow, I’m watching youtube videos of Horgmo, T. Rice, Danni Davis, amateur videos, etc.. and I’m just sitting there in awe thinking to myself: “Screw having loads of money (sure it’d be nice), I just wanna make an honest day’s living and be able to shred a couple of days every week!”

    Last night I sort of vented to my family that I have this itch I feel I can’t scratch. That I could imagine myself going to Norway and living at a ski-resort, or even whistler/jackson hole.. They were actually quite positive saying they have relatives who up and moved to norway and who stayed there etc..

    Here’s the sitch tho:
    I have a wonderful girlfriend, we’ve been together for 3,5 years and there’s a possibility of children in a no-so-distant future.. I feel like I have different options and, of course, different lives in each one:
    My GF doesn’t want to move with me to a ski-resort and gives me an ultimatum: it’s either her or the dream and I’d have to settle for the 1-2 weeks of shredding a year. I’d lose a women whom I hold very dear and whom, as previously mentioned, could be the mother of my children. And I don’t know if I might regret that.
    My GF actually wants to move with me to a ski-resort like Hemsedal, Trysil, Vierli (all norway) or even Whistler or Jackson Hole!
    I’ll work as a carpenter and shred whenever I have time for it. Life could be good, at least I’ll get to shred WAY more than I can here in Denmark.
    If I even managed to be succesful with a Passive Income business on the side, life could go ahead at be REALLY good. But that’s a long shot – but what if!

    Anyway, would be really nice to hear your thoughts, if you have any pointers, anything I could do to try and figure out what to do or how to go about this entire thing!

    Mathias, the dane that wanted more mountains! 😉

    • Hey Mathias,

      I’d say why not try something more temporary first, then if you and your girlfriend are okay with it make it permanent. For example you could spend a month or two at a ski resort with your girlfriend. There’s no reason you have to move permanently right away, you can test the waters to see how it goes.

      That would be an easier ask then saying she needs to leave her entire life right now and move forever and it’ll give you a chance to scope out the place better and have a better idea of job prospects and what you + her can do for work.

      The funny thing about places like Whistler is a lot of people come and fall in love with the resort and the simple life. I very rarely meet anyone who’s 100% against the idea of moving to Whistler. It’s usually the opposite where most people come for the season and don’t want to leave. That’s how most locals ended up moving to Whistler (and many other resorts).

      As far as jobs go, I’m not sure how it is at other ski resorts, but I know that Whistler has a decent sized work force of builders/carpenters due to the amount of house construction that is constantly happening in the resort. If you have the skills it may very well be possible to get a job working with construction teams building houses as I’m sure other ski resorts have construction type jobs as well.

      And yeah, passive income is definitely possible too. Building your own business is something you can work on from the side until it’s generating some real income then you can quit your other jobs. That’s how I did it with Snomie and that’s how my friend Nev over at snowboard addiction did it too, so it’s definitely possible.

      Feel free to email me at jed (at) snomie.com if you need more advice in the future or have some questions, that way you can avoid having to use the comment boxes to type a long message 🙂

  8. Omg, this is really a mind-wake-up call for pursuing your dream! Im exactly in the same place where I have this OKAY life, but still I always said to family and friends that if I could choose any life I would be livin’ in a Skii Resort havin a place near it and just wake up everyday and can be able to just go snowboarding and get better at it. I’m self from Nuuk, Greenland and grew up with lots of snow in the winter, so snow is like streamin in my vanes, thats how much I love snow. But these few years I have been troubleling about saving money so that I could go to skii-trips but both work and the expensives thats in the way I dont get to snowboard alot and that makes me sad cuz I wanna get better, but mostly just wanna go shred more often! I’ve also said that I wanted to move to Norway for sometime but nothin ever happens…This may be a little push to the dream. Thanks alot for this amazing, mind-waking blog! Love it! 😀

  9. Lol…spelling it wrong I think… *snow is like flows in my veins

  10. Can’t wait to graduate in 2 years. As soon as I get my degree I’m gonna go work at a resort and shred for a season or two then fall back on my degree! Gotta get all the hard work out of the way first then I’ll have the time of my life

  11. This article just inspired me.

    Thank you very much! And thanks also to those that commented also! Very inspiring for sure!

  12. Hey Jed,
    I’m with you 95% with you about this but about the money situation a lot of people don’t have enough money anymore because the price to live at one is a lot nowadays but I agree with you about the joy of waking up hills of powder to ride down everyday.
    . Nathan

  13. doron gopstein says:

    My soul has been awakened to my inner conscious of living a fulfilling life of skiing, or ski patrol,
    My story is like this,
    I fell in love with skiing ten years ago,i am 41.
    I was divorced 6 years ago and finally had a chance to follow my dreams and head out west for three winters in a row skiing, the Tahoe area and mammoth mountain, and Utah ,at that time my soul was broken from the sadness from the divorce,
    The moment I stepped onto the mountains I felt a spiritual healing and kind of a higher power showing me where I need to be and how healing the sport in the nature really is very therapeutic.only us skiers can relate, to this,
    Since then I am now engaged and have had a real talk of moving to a ski area with my fiance,we started looking at houses online in the Vermont area, I prefer out west and she prefers east, so east is good for me as long as I can shred the Stowe area on a routine basis, and occasionally do a west trip once in a while, life is too short and precious and can be gone in an instant, too sum it all up in a nut shell I will be following my north star and live a happy content life,
    Our first move is to start thinking of relocating and the rest will follow, just like skiing in itself, full shred !!

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