5 Tips To Stop Your Goggles From Fogging

No one likes it when you’re skiing or snowboarding and your goggles start fogging up. It sucks.

So here’s some tips to stop your goggles from fogging.

Goggles on forehead

1) Don’t wear your goggles on your forehead

You’ll see a lot of people wearing goggles on their forehead. Don’t do this! Stick your goggles inside your jacket until just before you’re ready to ride.

Fogging is created by moisture and heat building up inside your goggles. Hot air and moisture travel up, so wearing your goggles right above your warm forehead is not the best idea.

Also, don’t wear your goggles for the 20 min ride up the gondola, that’s just asking for moisture and air to build up inside your goggles.

2) Never take your goggles off in the snow or rain

A huge part of causing your goggles to fog is snow getting inside your goggles. This creates moisture, which gets trapped and heated up by your face.

Personally, once my goggles are on, they stay on my face until I’m indoors or done riding for the day.

3) Make sure your goggles fit your face

A big cause of goggle fog is using goggles that are too big or the wrong shape for your face.

If there are gaps where your face meets the foam (particularly in the nose area), there’s a decent chance you’ll get moisture and fogging inside your goggles. If you’re having this problem, tightening your goggle strap may help to get rid of the gaps.

4) If your goggles are fogging, don’t rub the inside of the goggles with gloves

This is huge. A lot of people get minor fogging and rub the inside of the goggles with their wet gloves. This puts even more moisture inside your goggles and will make the problem even worse.

The solution: Try to get air inside your goggles to dry them out. This can be as simple as riding fast and letting the air clear your goggles. If your goggles are too wet for this to work, you need to take them off (if it’s not snowing/raining) and shake them in the air to dry them out as best you can.

If nothing works, then you’ll have to go indoors and find a hand dryer or some paper towels to dry out the inside of your goggles.

Snowboard Hiking

5) Never wear your goggles when hiking

Hiking creates a lot of heat and sweat that will get trapped in your goggles. If you are hiking, take off your goggles and keep them inside your jacket/backpack.

Obviously, in some cases it’ll be snowing or raining and you can’t take your goggles off. If this happens the only real solution is carrying an extra pair of goggles.

Sometimes, you can’t help getting snow inside your goggles. Maybe you crashed or you had an awkward bail. It happens. Being able to throw on a pair of fresh, dry goggles is great for those situations!

Good luck and stay safe on the hill!

ps – Spitting on the inside of your goggles is one solution as well… although some would say it’s not very hygienic…

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  1. Nice work on the two goggle articles, especially good point on wiping insides of goggles with gloves. A lot of high end lenses have an antifog coating inside that gets destroyed the if you are rough wiping them.

  2. thanks! Yeah, it's amazing how many people wipe the inside of their lens. The worst is when they do it with ice on their gloves and it scratches their lens =/

  3. Spitting into the goggles? Works on diving masks but does this not add moisture into the goggles that will freeze. Or is this applied before leaving a heated area, and then allowed to dry?

    • Never had a problem with freezing, but honestly spitting in your goggles isn’t something you do as a first resort, it’s more something you’d do if it were fogging while you were on the hill and you have no other alternative.

      Overall you’re far better off getting some proper anti-fog liquid like ‘cat crap’ (that’s literally the name) and using that to proper your goggles properly.

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