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Why Snomie.com Will Teach You To Master Snowboard Tricks & Techniques

Have you ever watched a snowboard trick tip or snowboard tutorial video, went out to try it and not had the progress you wanted? It’s not as easy as just watching a video.

There’s a million other little techniques that those advanced snowboarders don’t tell you on the trick tip videos. That’s how they were able to learn those tricks that you see in the videos.

It’ll take you anywhere from weeks to months to years to learn all those tricks and tactics and for the average snowboarder, that’s way too long. That’s where Snomie.com helps you.

I’ll fill the gap between watching those tutorial videos and actually teach you all the little secrets that allow you to finally land those techniques and make you the snowboarder that you want to be.

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Who writes the snowboard tips & advice?

Hi, I’m Jed and I write 90% of all the blogs you see on Snomie.com

This is me:

I got to this level after many, many seasons (I think 8+ at last count) travelling between Canada and New Zealand chasing the snow. Throughout this journey I went from being a total novice who faceplanted on green runs to landing 1080s off 50+ foot jumps.

What most people don’t see is what I had to go through to get to this stage. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries, compressed my back multiple times, hit my head more times than I can remember (or is it because I hit my head I can’t remember?) and I’ve spent more than $15k+ on snowboard camps and private instruction.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had some amazing snowboard coaches along the way, including Nev Lapwood from SnowboardAddiction.com who by the way talks about ‘training’ in his sleep. True story.

My goal is for Snomie.com readers to get all the lessons and skills I picked up from my experience and training without you having to go through all those years of snowboarding.

Get Our Best Snowboard Tips & Our Free Snowboard Gear Guide