Airhole Facemask Review

Airhole Face Mask

Facemasks are great for keeping your face warm and protecting you from snow and sun, but the problem is they can also make it harder to breath.

Airhole facemasks are aimed as the solution to facemasks that don’t let you breath properly, so lets take a closer look and see how it performs!


Airholes start at about $20-30, but you can usually find them for $10-20 on sale.


  • Polyester material on inside of facemask (also comes in a mesh polyester model)
  • Large variety of choices for outer material
  • Air hole over mouth
  • Full head balaclava style facemask offered on some patterns
  • Velcro closure or tie up depending on model
  • LOTS of color and pattern choices


It’s your classic bandana style look. I love that they have a HUGE variety of patterns and colors to choose from.

Also, they make you look like a ninja. Who doesn’t like ninjas?

Airhole Graphics


My model came with the velcro closures and I found them to be good, but you are limited to the size range you pick. I had a Small/Medium sized Airhole and it worked well for me. They also offer their velcro bandanas in a large/extra-large, so make sure you get the right size!

They do have a newer tie up model which eliminates the velcro, so that may be a solution for those who find the velcro closures too limiting.

Overall it fits as you would expect, very similar to your standard bandana.

Sandbox Helmet In Use with Airhole and EG2 Goggles


It’s held up great over 3 seasons on the snow! The only possible weak spot would be the velcro closures which may come off over time, but mine are still holding in place after 3 full seasons on the snow.


I had the standard polyester model and I found it pretty comfortable to wear. I do find that my breath makes it little bit moist on the inside of the Airhole, but the problem is a lot less noticeable than regular bandanas that don’t have an air hole over the mouth.

I found that my face was a lot warmer on cold days as well, which is a plus!

Does the air hole work?

Yep! The problem with previous fleece/polyester badanas that I’ve owned is the air gets trapped inside the bandana and it can make it harder to breath. I never had a problem with breathing while using the Airhole.

Airhole also gets a big plus for using polyester material. Polyester is far better than regular cotton which gets wet easily and sticks to your face making it uncomfortable and hard to breath.

Party Panda Airhole Facemask

Final thoughts

I’m quite happy with the Airhole. The only warning I’d give is that if you’re not used to wearing a bandana, the little bit of moisture inside the bandana might annoy you. Although. as I mentioned earlier, this problem is a lot less obvious with the Airhole thanks to the opening in front of your mouth.

If you think the moisture might annoy you, I’d recommend you have a look at the mesh polyester Airhole, which lets even more air in and out of the badana.

I think the most useful thing about the Airhole is that it protects my face on snowy days. As well as this, it’s been great protection from sunburn and goggle tans.

Overall, I really like the Airhole and would definitely recommend it!

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