BBB 005 – Good Vs. Great Snowboarders


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Welcome to episode 5 of ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ the snowboard podcast.

What is ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ about?

You know those days after a long day on the slopes and you sit down to have a few drinks with your friends while talking snowboarding and bs? This is ‘Boards, Beer & BS’, where snowboard pros and instructors talk snowboard news and topics while having a few drinks.

Topics in episode 5:

  • The first female snowboarder to land a double cork 1080 off a jump (video link)
  • The difference between good and great snowboarders
  • New goggle company ‘Aura Optics’ (link to kickstarter)
  • Why some people get their dream snowboard life and others don’t
  • Why becoming an instructor made me a WAY better snowboarder


  • Jedidiah Tan – Snowboard instructor, founder of
"How To Pick The Perfect Snowboard Setup"
"Grab's Free Snowboard Gear Guide"
25 pages of free tips including how to pick snowboards, bindings, goggles, boots and much more!

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