BBB 009 – How To Snowboard 100+ Days A Year


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Welcome to episode 9 of ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ the snowboard podcast.

What is this ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ about?

In this episode of ‘Boards, Beer & BS: The Snowboard Podcast’, I talk about careers that give you the most freedom to snowboard and get the amount of days on snow that you desire.

Topics and links from episode 9:

  • How to snowboard 100+ days a year
  • Work to play vs. play as work
  • Careers that fit snowboard freedom the best
  • Why snowboard related jobs aren’t always that great
  • What about entrepreneurship to get freedom to snowboard? Is starting your own business for everyone?
  • Why college is really really hit or miss for most people

Job summaries and breakdown:

Work to play pluses:

  • ‘Safer’ option (your route is planned and expected if you pick a professional job)
  • Separation between work and play

Work to play minuses:

  • Might take longer and cost more money for a professional career requiring university and training (eg. engineering, dentistry, doctor)
  • You might not get as much free time to snowboard as you’d like
  • It can take time to get into a situation where your career grants you more snowboard freedom

Play as work pluses:

  • You typically get more time to do what you love from the start

Play as work minuses:

  • You might lose some love for what you enjoy once it becomes your job
  • Career path isn’t as clear and set our in a lot of ‘play as work’ jobs (future not guaranteed like a professional job)

Careers that fit best for freedom to snowboard:

  • Professional jobs that leave some freedom on weekends/off time (eg. engineering, dentistry, radiologist, ship/yatch workers)
  • Work from a computer jobs (graphic designers, web developers, programmers – set your own hours in a lot of cases)
  • Location based jobs (eg. Vancouver where most average jobs have more freedom to snowboard due to close vicinity to ski resorts / or working at a ski resort in a normal job)
  • Snowboard related jobs (eg. snowboard coaches, working in the industry)
  • Entrepreneurs (start your own business and set your own hours)

Why snowboard related jobs aren’t always great:

  • Blurred line between work and play time
  • Pay isn’t always great (eg. snowboard coaching for resorts)
  • May be ‘snowboard related’ but no different from non snowboard jobs with lack of snowboard time

Working for yourself pluses (entrepreneurship):

  • You set your own hours and choose your own field
  • You can create passive income (earn money while you sleep)
  • Your income is limited by your creativity and skill (sky is the limit)

Working for yourself minuses (entrepreneurship):

  • You have no future guaranteed path (no ‘safe’ or ‘traditional’ path to follow)
  • No set working hours (always on the clock even when you relax)
  • You’re responsible for your income (you get paid based on how well/hard you work)
  • You have to be a set type of person (positive, willing to adapt and constantly learn and improve)

Why college is hit or miss:

  • Most students don’t graduate in time (5 years for a 4 year degree)
  • High debt after graduating
  • Less than half of all college graduates end up using their degree in the field they studied
  • For the ‘career’ jobs (eg. accounting, dentistry, medicine, engineering) college is required, but for non-career jobs the benefits of college are very questionable (and often not worth it)


  • Jedidiah Tan – Snowboard instructor, founder of

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