BBB 010 – How To Learn Snowboard Tricks Faster & “Injury Free”


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Welcome to episode 10 of ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ the snowboard podcast.

Boards, Beer & BS - The Snomie Snowboard Podcast Episode 10

What is this ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ about?

In this episode of ‘The Snowboard Podcast’, I talk about the keys to learning snowboard tricks faster with “injury free” snowboarding and the perfect amount of risk.

Topics and links from episode 10:

  • Why there’s no such thing as 100% injury free snowboarding
  • The difference between good vs. bad injuries
  • The difference in beginner vs. expert injuries
  • What top pros and expert snowboarders do different from average snowboarders to get ‘good’ injuries
  • What is the perfect balance of risk and injury to get the fastest snowboard progression
  • The 3 types of snowboarder types & which type learns tricks/techniques quickest
  • The 4 questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE trying a new trick/technique

The 4 questions you need to ask yourself before attempting any freestyle trick:

  1. Can I smoothly do all the little tricks that make up this trick? (eg – for a 540 you need to learn straight airs, 180s, 360s first)
  2. Am I 1 step outside my comfort zone? (eg – progressing from 50/50s to learning boardslides is 1 step beyond your current skill level)
  3. Do I know exactly how to do every step of this trick? (eg – For a 360 you have to know how to carve, pop, estimate speed etc. etc.)
  4. Can I land safely if I screw up? (eg – If you fail to land the trick, will you be able to bail safely? Are you in control even when you fail?)

Today’s tweetable (click here to tweet):

Good snowboarders don’t ignore or avoid risk. They take smart, calculated risks.


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