BBB 012 – How Snowboarding Makes You A Better Person


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Welcome to episode 12 of ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ the snowboard podcast.

Boards, Beer & BS - The Snomie Snowboard Podcast Episode 12

What is this ‘Boards, Beer & BS’ about?

In this episode of ‘The Snowboard Podcast’, I talk about how snowboarding can actually make you a better person and improve your life.

Topics and links from episode 12:

  • Quickie update on where I’ve been and what’s going on
  • Facing your fear every single day
  • Changing your mindset
  • Worst case scenarios are almost never as bad as you thought
  • Raising your comfort levels
  • The best risk analysis in the world
  • Learning to get back up


  • Jedidiah Tan – Snowboard instructor, founder of
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