How To Build A Snowboard Practice Jib Box – Learn New Tricks In Your Garden

Cam McNair asked us via twitter:

I want to make a summer jib for my backyard, could you suggest materials, designs etc

Great idea! A practice jib box is a really good way to learn new jib tricks by practicing technique and balance skills in your own backyard.

Practice Jib Box

It’s really simple to make, so here’s a breakdown of how to build a practice jib box.

Materials & Tools

1) 2 pieces of wood – length: 45 cm, width: 10 cm, height: 3 to 5 cm

Jib support planks - dimensions2) 1 piece of wood – length: 175 to 200 cm, width: 10 to 15 cm , height: 10 cm

Jib Box Dimensions

3) 8 nails – each about 9 to 10 cm long

4) Hammer

How to build the Jib Box

If you’re not an adult, please ask your parents before you start hammering the jib box together. They may even help you build it!

Obviously, if you injure yourself building or using this jib box, I take no responsibility, so build with care and ride carefully.

1) Put the long piece of wood down and put the two smaller pieces on each end at a 90 degree angle. This will form the support base of your jib box.

3) Hammer in your nails so that they go through the supports and into the long piece of wood. It might help to have someone else hold the wood supports in place while you hammer in the nails.

Important: Make sure there are no sharp nail ends sticking out of the wood! Do not let any ends stick out of the wood or you might fall and stab yourself on them.

4) Done! Flip that box back over and you’ve got your completed jib box.

Jib Box DiagramThanks again to Cam McNair for submitting todays topic. Happy Jibbing! – Jed

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