Can You ‘Sell Out’ In Snowboarding?

I’m of two minds here. Can you sell out? Sure. Is making money selling out? No.

My take:

The breakdown:

1) Why make crummy products/services when you can make high quality products AND make money?

I don’t have a problem with people making money off snowboarding. Heck, make $100 million for all I care. The issue I have though is when people pump out crappy junk for money when they could be doing a lot better.

That’s not to say that pumping out cheap junk for money is ‘selling out’ or that they owe us anything, but it just seems stupid to me.

Maybe it’s just the business side of me talking, but the way I see it, you can make a ton of money AND pump out high quality goods that rock, so why settle for making less money and crappy products?

Pumping out high quality products and building a strong brand that’s synonymous with quality will take you way further than pumping out cheap gear for a few years just to make a quick buck.

I see it as very short sighted and a shame. Very few people think long term or think of the big picture or potential. They want the quick score at the cost of what could have been so much more amazing in the long run.

2) You need money in snowboarding

To say I hate big businesses making money in snowboarding would be hypocritical when I’m hitting million dollar park lines that are only possible because of the money in snowboarding.

To some extent, snowboarding needs big businesses and money in the sport to create many of the epic things we enjoy and to keep our sport running.

I like my perfect jump lines. I like new snow technology. I like my GoPro and my goretex outerwear. I like my lift upgrades and peak to peak gondola. I’ve seen the millions of dollars that Whistler Blackcomb pumps into their snow making and I like that it allows me to ride epic parks in the early season.

If the money disappeared, so would those things and I don’t really want that to happen. I’d rather see our sport grow and keep making money despite the negative side of ‘money in snowboarding’.

3) There’s a right way and wrong way to do business and make money in snowboarding

I think some people get jaded by big businesses and ‘money whores’ in snowboarding because they can take the soul out of snowboarding. When everything becomes about money, you start to feel like you’re nothing but a walking dollar sign to companies and I can see why people dislike it.

However, that doesn’t mean every company and every business does things that way. You can make money in snowboarding without resorting to used car salesman tactics.

You can offer great customer service, you can build great products and you can sell them to great customers through good marketing that isn’t deceiving customers. Marketing isn’t bad, it just gets a bad rep from people who use it the wrong way.

And there are companies out there that are trying to do it right. For example, Rome Snowboards has excellent customer service and they don’t treat you like just a number and recently there are other companies realizing this too.

The bottom line

I think at the end of the day, a huge amount of the negative image of money in our sport is due to short term thinkers. People who are in it for a quick buck and they do it at the cost of customer relations, quality and long term thinking.

However, I actually think right now is a better time than any for companies doing things right to shine because consumers are bored of the fake marketing BS and can smell it a mile away.

Thanks to the social world we live in, now more than ever will companies stand out if they treat customers right, build quality products and genuinely care about the sport and their customers as more than a way to make money.

Just my 2 cents.

– Jed

What Happens When Misinformed Snowboarders Meet The Internet

I may have to start a new segment on Snomie just to post some of the hilariousness that I run into trying to help people with snowboard questions.

For future reference, yahoo answers and is not where you look to find the average income of pro snowboarders:

So very stupid...

The internet can hurt your brain if you let it. By the way, this is why I caution against accepting all online snowboard advice. Some of the advice you can get may come from guys like this.

– Jed

Nike’s ‘Never Not’ Part 2 – 48 min Free Snowboard Movie

Firstly, for those of you inside our free snowboard trick tip training, lesson 2 on ‘5 Rookie Mistakes That Freestyle Snowboarders Make’ is going out tomorrow, so watch your inbox for that 🙂

If you’re not part of the training, you can join here and get some free snowboard trick tip videos.

Nike finally releases their full-length snowboard movie on YouTube

A while back Nike released a free full length snowboard movie (seems to be the popular thing to do these days), but part 2 was only available on iTunes, which not everyone uses and likes (it’s notoriously slow/buggy on windows computers).

Well yesterday they finally decided to upload it to YouTube for everyone to watch, so here you go, enjoy your free 48 minute snowboard movie:

– Jed

Burton’s Free Full Length Snowboard Movie (Part 3 – Women)

Heads up, Burton just released part 3 of their free full length snowboard movie. This part features their female riders:

Regardless of whether it’s guys or girls, you have to respect a lot of the snowboarding in the movie. Some of those girls were going huge and it’s always interesting to see how the female side of the sport progresses.

I do wish Burton spent more time showcasing their riding though, it seemed a bit heavy on the talk and documentary side of things and didn’t show enough of the girls just shredding in my opinion.

– Jed

Quickie Update On Upcoming Snowboard Trick Tips & Training

Quick update today because I know some of you are waiting to get access to our library of snowboard videos & tutorials inside our private members area and I did say we’d be re-opening it all shortly and I don’t want to leave you in the dark.

To answer the emails that have been coming in recently:

1) No you haven’t missed out

If you signed up for our waitlist here, you’re still on the list to be among the first to get access to our snowboard members area when it re-opens for new members, so don’t worry because you haven’t missed out.

Don’t worry, I didn’t delete the list or anything like that, you’re all still there 🙂

2) Will I still get the free snowboard trick tip videos or will I have to pay?

Yes, as I mentioned previously, everyone on our waitlist will be receiving an entire set of snowboard trick tip tutorial videos for free when I re-open the program.

Whether you choose to join the members program afterwards is totally up to you, but you’ll get free trick tip tutorials regardless of what you choose.

3) When will the members area re-open?

I’ll re-open sign ups within the next 7 days, so not long now 🙂 Everyone on our waitlist will get the first snowboard trick tip video emailed to them within the next week then you’ll get details to join the members area in the follow up emails.

So yeah, that should answer the questions that have been coming in lately. Feel free to send me any other questions about our Snowboard Trick Secrets members area if you have them.

– Jed