The Biggest Thing Wrong With Snow Travel

What’s wrong with snow travel?

To put it bluntly, snow travel sucks.

You start off by deciding where you want to go. Now you’re excited! You can almost feel the fresh snow under your feet, but wait, not so fast there!

Do you have travel insurance? Can you fit all your junk in your bags? Oops you messed up, the airline is charging you $300 for overweight baggage. Also, the guy in front of you reclined his seat, now you have 2 inches of leg room.

Okay, so you made it through the plane trip. Now how do you get to the snow field? Did you book your airport transfer? Why do none of the rental cars come with winter tires?

Yay you made it! Now you can just live in a backpackers until you find a place to stay. Wait, what do you mean there’s no accommodation? You should have checked ‘Stupid Local Newspaper’ 3 months before you arrived.

Meh! I’ll just get a job, oh wait… you need a visa. The work visa requirement list is 2 pages long and you should have applied 1 month ago.

Okay so maybe all that was a little extreme but you get the idea. You have to spent so much time figuring out so many little details when all you really want to do is go shred some fresh snow.

Snow travel is way more complicated and frustrating then it should be.

Never fear! Snomie is here!

That’s why I created Snomie. I want to make snow travel suck less.

We’re living in a world where more information gets put online every day than the 2000 years before the internet existed. It’s about time someone put some of that information to good use.

I want to build a real community of people who love snow. I want to build tools and websites that fix all the things that make snow travel suck. I want to share advice and knowledge that I wish I knew when I was just getting into the snow scene.

That’s why I created and that’s why I’ll continue to post great information and useful advice on our blog.

Wait, aren’t there already websites for snow travel?

Yeah, but they suck. The information you need is buried beneath poor navigation and useless junk you don’t need. There’s no single, central database that all of us can tap into for information and help. The problem is that there’s too much junk out there hiding the real gems of information.

I believe that people are suffering from information overload, so what I’m doing with & is creating a simpler, easier to use database with just the essential information.

Our Promise to You

We’ll always help you out if we can! Whether you need help finding some information or you want to know where the closest pizza store is, Snomie’s here for you.

We want to keep improving and doing our best to serve you better, so please do let us know what you think! Your feedback is always helpful. We’re always listening, whether it’s a comment on our blog, a tweet or facebook wall post or even just an email saying Hi.

See you on the mountain!