Quitting School To Go Snowboarding – How Snomie.com Started

Here’s the story behind how Snomie.com was started and how I went from average Uni student to snowboarding every day in Whistler.

How To Progress Your Freestyle & Snowboard Anything On The Mountain

Here’s how to avoid the mistake that stops most snowboarders from becoming balanced, versatile riders who can ride everything on the mountain.

How To Get A Job In Snowboarding (AKA Snowboard Friendly Jobs)

Let’s look at jobs that give you plenty of free time to snowboard and how you can get one of those jobs.

Whistler’s Most Expensive Ski Houses (& Their Private Gondola)

What’s it like to live like the 1% in Whistler? Well apparently it includes your own private ski gondola.

How To Spin A Corked 540 Vs. Regular 540 (GoPro POV Video)

Here’s an in-depth point of view look at a corked 540 vs. a regular 540 as I break down the differences between a corked spin vs. a regular snowboard spin.

Snowboard Sizing – How To Size A Snowboard Correctly

Here’s our how-to video on snowboard sizing and how to size a snowboard correctly. We also cover picking snowboard flex, width, shape & camber.

Snowboard Trampoline Training In Whistler (video)

Here’s why trampolines are the best snowboard training tool for building aerial awareness and stomping your jump landings.

How I Practice Snowboard 360 Spins To Land Them First Time, Every Time

Here’s exactly how to focus down and practice your snowboard 360 spins so that I land my 360s first try, every try with consistency.

How To Prevent Snowboard Injuries By Checking Park Features (video)

Here’s a snowboard GoPro lap in the park as I show you how to properly check out features and do your warm up lap to avoid getting injured.

Crazy Near Miss Snowboard Crash (Skier In Landing)

This is why you don’t hang around in the landing area of park jumps. I was literally inches from flying straight into them.