Changing Our Free Snowboard Trick Tips & Sneak Peek At New Snomie

A quickie update today because I’m changing more things around on Snomie.

1) Free snowboard trick tips changing

I’m sure many of you noticed I’ve been offering out a mini course of 3 free trick tips videos taken from our Snowboard Trick Secrets course to anyone who visits Snomie.

The video series did really well, except the thing I didn’t like is a lot of the people going through the trick tips were brand new to and pretty much just had a bunch of tutorials immediately shoved in their faces.

There was no hello, no support, no explanation, just a “Here are trick tips – do them.”

I’m not too happy about that since I don’t believe trick tips by themselves work. It often requires a combination of trick tips + coaching to get past a lot of problems that stop people from learning freestyle, so it was kind of missing in the coaching department.

I’m a big fan of building a real relationship with our readers and being a real person to help when you get stuck with your snowboarding, so I’ve decided to re-do our free trick tip series.

This time instead of just being copied straight from our Snowboard Trick Secrets course, they’ll be created properly to not only give some trick tips but also show that here at Snomie it’s also about the support and 1:1 relationship we build with our readers to help them continue to improve beyond just the trick tip.

In the meantime, our Snowboard Trick Secrets course is still open for new members with a limited time 50% discount. If you’re interested in joining, you can check it out here.

2) Sneak peek of new home page

I’ve been busy finalizing the last bits of the new Snomie homepage between sessions of editing our upcoming trick tip videos.

Right now it’s having some conflicts with our blog software so I have to sort that out before I make it live, but in the meantime I thought I’d show you guys a sneak peek of the top half of the new homepage:

Homepage sneak peek

It may still change a little, but that’s basically the layout of the top half of the new homepage. As you can see it’s a heck of a lot cleaner than our current blog homepage and I can funnel new people to the right guides/tips more easily.

Besides these things, we’re still chugging along with editing the spinning, jibbing and buttering trick tip videos and I’m looking forward to getting them out and released for you guys.

– Jed

ps: For those ready to take their freestyle to the next level, you can apply to join our members only Snowboard Trick Secrets programĀ here.

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