The Most Common Snowboard Mistake When Hitting Boxes

50/50 Flat box example

Got a simple tip for you today: When you’re learning to hit your first boxes/rails GO FASTER.┬áThis is by far the most common mistake when people try to hit their first box in the terrain park.

Here’s the scenario that usually happens:

  1. You’re a little worried and hesitant about hitting that ride-on box
  2. You inch your way up to it
  3. At the last minute you get set and ride across it

This is what pretty much everyone does the first time they hit a box. When you’re not confident with something, you tend to ride a little scared in your approach.

Here’s what your approach should be instead:

  1. Set a drop in point above the box
  2. Ride straight towards the box from the drop-in

That’s it. No making tons of speedchecks, no inching your way towards to box, just setting your drop-in spot and going straight for it.

Speed is your friend

Most people go waay too slow when they hit their first ride-on box, so they end up crawling across the box at a snails pace. The trick here is speed is your friend.

When you go faster, it actually makes it easier to stay balanced and ride across the rail because you have more forward momentum and it means your snowboard won’t feel like it’s sticking to the box as you ride across.

It’s weird, but by being too careful and going slower, most beginners are actually making it harder on themselves.

Now keep in mind not saying to go at mach 5 and fly straight at the box at light speed. That would be stupid and you don’t want to gap the entire box, but make sure you’re not crawling towards that box.

Don’t be afraid to take a little bit of speed into ride-on boxes/rails, it’ll help you avoid sticking and it’ll make it easier to ride across the whole box.

– Jed

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  1. Yes, I was guilty of this, and also because I was scared, I would unconsciously open my shoulders and this meant that my board would turn slightly on the box, and then I would land at a slight angle. If the landing zone was really good then I would get away with it, but if there was a bit of a trough in the landing then I would fall. Even as I got faster and more confident, I still had this bad habit and couldn’t understand why my landings were so inconsistent. It took me ages to realise what I was doing wrong! Fear is definitely my biggest enemy in the snowboard park!

  2. Jed, I knew this about boxes already. Does the same principle apply to rails though?
    Perhaps a similar post about riding rails specifically?


    • With rails it can be the same, but it really depends on the type of rail.

      If the rail is built like a basic box (not the street style rail that you have to hop on from the side), than yeah, speed is your friend.

      However, if it’s a street style rail you honestly don’t need much speed. Some speed is useful, but it becomes a lot about correct approach and balance because going too fast can easily mean you overshoot a street style rail not to mention you’ll already have some natural downward momentum if it’s a street rail that slopes down.

      Hope that makes sense for you.

      ps – if you’re one of our Snowboard Trick Secrets members, keep an eye for the jibbing trick tip video series I’m adding to the members area in the next week or two which will cover street style rail approaches.

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