Crazy Near Miss Snowboard Crash (Skier In Landing)

So I was doing some mellow snowboard park laps and this happened:

Somehow I happened to land in that tiny gap between the skier and that loose ski. Definitely got a little lucky on this one.

– Jed

ps – testing the new intro at the end of the video, what do you think?

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  1. Look before you leap comes to mind there. Also what is that jump like 3 feet big? Had something similar happen to me a few years ago almost took the kids head off because he came running in from the side of the jump behind the lip, sucked my knees up, and tapped his helmet.

    • Yeah the jump is pretty small, thank god this was during a mellow lap in the baby park.

      No idea wtf they were thinking, even after that happened they just stood around not even rushing to grab the ski in the middle of the landing.

  2. Looks so familiar this situation. A lot of things went wrong here:

    1) Too many people standing behind the jump to clear just 1 ski. Only 1 person is enough to clear the ski, the others should have stood visible next to the landing waving off incoming people. I would stop and notify their mistake.
    2) The person who cut you off should be verbalized according to park rules, because that is not done.
    3) The bigger mistake with that person is that coming from the side he should have definitely seen those people standing behind it because it’s a small jump. He should have gone up to the jump, stop and block incoming people until the landing is cleared. Then his “cutting in front of you” would be kind of justified.
    4) If someone does a thing like that and cuts you off, it completely brings you off your focus. If I am in a situation like that I just break off my run. He can fall and you can fly into him (dangerous for both of you) or you can fall due to a lack of focus.
    It’s not worth doing just a straight air in that situation.

    Looking at the video (correct me if I’m wrong) it looks like it’s the end of the day because the tree shadows are low, the slope is ripped apart and so is the kicker. I would say: skip the jump, go have a drink and come back in the morning ;).

    They should also do park rules checks next to those silly speed checks.

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