An Easy Way To Flex Your Snowboard During Butters

Nev from Snowboard Addiction showing us how it's done!

Nev from Snowboard Addiction showing us how it's done!

I got a question a couple days ago:

I have problems buttering. When I try to do a butter, I can never lift my nose up high enough. Any tips?

Alright, this one is pretty simple to fix. When you’re trying to initiate your butter, you’re just shifting your body weight backwards to your tail or nose (depending on if you’re doing a nose or tail butter). While leaning does work, there’s a one step that will help you to really style out and flex your snowboard.

Jump into your butter. Don’t just lean. Hop off both feet, shift your weight to your nose or tail and center your body weight around that one point as you land. Jumping into your butter will make it a lot easier to initiate and hold that butter.

That’s it! Hope that answers your question and helps you stick those butters.

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  1. Is it more proper to bend your knee inward or outward on your pressed leg? I’m more comfortable bending my knee outward, but SA shows it inward which seems pretty uncomfortable.

    • Go with whichever you feel more comfortable with. I find my knee tends to go inward automatically the harder I press the butter, but if you can do it without having your knee go in that’s fine too.

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