The No Fluff Snowboard Mag You’ll Actually Enjoy Reading

I remember first getting into snowboarding and like every other snowboard obsessed rider I started reading all the magazines and sites.

Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboard Mag, Snowboard Canada and many other mags were regular reads for me. However, the more I read and the better I got as a snowboarder, the more I realized how much fluff was thrown into a lot these magazines.

The ‘noob bait’

I’m talking about things like gear guides that are really just paid advertisements and trick tips that don’t really offer any real help. Those are there to grab beginners who haven’t caught on to the fact that those guides and trick tips are kind of useless.

Snowboard magazines have gotten very good at writing what I’d call ‘bait’ articles that offer no real substance, but act as a great hook to get beginners to visit their site or open their magazine while they pepper their pages with ads.

However, even with all of that going on, every now and then you’ll run into a great article that is actually interesting and insightful and makes you kind of wish there were more articles of it’s kind.

I’m talking about articles like this writeup on my pro snowboarder friend, Geoff Brown, that details the blood, sweat and tears that no one sees when he tries and fails over and over to get that big trick on film for his yearly video part.

Sadly those types of articles are few and far between, but there is one magazine that does pumps out quality content over and over again…

Frequency – The Snowboarder’s Journal

Frequency is a very, very different type of snowboard magazine and that’s why I love it. They only write entertaining, insightful and interesting articles and publish it in a paid snowboard magazine with minimal ads.

They run the quality over quantity business model supported by people who subscribe and buy their magazine for the great writing. Personally, I love that way of doing business.

For example, here’s a little list of articles from the latest Frequency magazine (I’m short on time and internet while travelling in airports, so I copied this list from Avran at, but I know he won’t mind):

  • 1st article: “Holding an edge” A look at parenting and snowboarding as we all mature.
  • 2nd article: “Lebanese Lines: The Republic of Snowboarding” A look at snowboarding in the war torn middle east.
  • 3rd article: “Mica Brownlie: Captain of the Alta Snowboard Team” A modern day pirate snow sliding at Alta one of the last bastions of anti-snowboarding.
  • 4th article: ” A Lovely Bowl: The Whitewater Session” Japanese bowl snowboarding in Canada
  • 5th article: “More Than A Feeling: Alex Yoder interview”

You can already see the huge difference from your regular snowboard magazine just from the titles alone. Their magazine is something you can sit and read through and be fascinated and entertained through the whole read.

So if you’re interested in snowboarding and want a good magazine to subscribe to for great articles, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Frequency for yourself. It’s worth the money for any snowboard addict.

The only thing I can fault them on is their website url ( is a bit of a pain in the butt to spell and explain to people… but I can’t talk since is just as bad and gets mispelt in every way, shape and form :p

– Jed

ps – I am in no way paid to advertise Frequency and I have no relationship with them. I just want to support a great snowboard magazine thats doing awesome things.


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