How I Forced Myself To Practice My Switch Snowboarding

Switch riding is the most hated skill for most snowboarders. They know they need to do it, but they also know how awkward it feels and so they avoid practicing their switch skills.

Honestly speaking, I can write 1000 words on how switch riding works, but I’m not going to baby you and pretend you don’t know how to turn.

You guys know how to make turns riding regular, so you clearly know the technique for making turns switch as well since it’s the same technique. Let’s face it, most people don’t want to practice switch because it sucks, not because they don’t know how.

So instead, I’m going to try give you a simple habit I use to force myself to get into the habit of riding switch and hopefully it’ll help some of you get used to adding switch to your riding.

If you can ride it regular without effort, then ride it switch

What I do is simple, if I’m on any ski run that isn’t challenging anymore, I’ll ride it switch.

This means if you’re super comfortable on green runs (which most intermediate snowboarders are), you should ride switch anytime you’re on a green run. This way you get your regular riding ‘fix’ on every other run, but you force yourself to ride switch on terrain that isn’t challenging you.

At the very least, this should mean that most snowboarders following this rule will be finishing their day with some switch riding because the exit area for most resorts are made up of green runs.

That’s it. There’s no magic trick that will make switch instantly stop being awkward besides forcing yourself to ride more switch.

It’s more about having a¬†conscious¬†effort to say “Okay, this green run is easy for me regular, so I’m going to ride it switch” and making this a habit that you do every time you ride.

It’s going to suck at first, but when you get into the habit of riding switch on easy runs, it starts to become a more natural thing that you do automatically.

– Jed

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  1. I have problems riding switch slowly on flat terrain. Once it goes downhill (blue/red) I can easily ride switch and do smooth turns. When I go fast on the flat terrain it’s ok because I have enough speed to do turns. But once I slow down (like at the end of the slope) or have to go straight (like on cat tracks) my board starts to swivel side to side. I try to ride on an edge to stop flatboarding, but it still feels weird doing that switch-ways.
    Maybe it’s just because I can’t hammer the habit down.

    • Yeah, you will find that going straight switch feels super awkward for awhile. It’s just one of those things that is really awkward.

      Same with switch straight airs off jumps, which are one of the most awkward things to learn.

      • Don’t tell me about it, switch straight airs are the most difficult thing I tried so far. I can’t even manage to do a proper pop and the landing is stiff-legged as hell. And it’s only on minor bumps for now. It’s like the whole “popping” sensation feels wrong when switch.

        • Don’t worry about it too much. Even a lot of very, very good riders who kill it in the park still find switch straight airs.

          It’s just one of those tricks that’s very awkward because you basically never practice taking off and landing switch on a jump without rotating.

          • Switch on the slopes is no problem. From now on I try to take the platter tow switch every time up the indoor slope because I mostly do park indoors and that’s still regular at this moment. It used to feel weird, but after 1-2 hours of committing it doesn’t feel weird any more on the platter tow.

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