Which Free Snowboard Trick Tip Video Would You Like?

I’m currently working on the 2.0 release of our Snowboard Trick Secrets freestyle lessons which includes adding entire trick tip videos on how to spin (180s/360s), how to jib (50/50s/boardslides), and how to butter and do flatground tricks.

These trick tips will literally be the most detailed, step-by-step trick tip videos available anywhere online.

Anyhow, while I’m waiting for the final video cuts from our team in Whistler I┬áhave a question for you guys:

Which trick tip would you like the most? 1) Spinning or 2) Jibbing or 3) Buttering/Flatground?

I’ll be releasing one of the trick tip videos for free on our blog, so you won’t even have to be part of our private Snowboard Trick Secrets training group to get one of these trick tip videos.

I just need to figure out which trick tip people want the most and that will be the one I release for free.

Right now I’m thinking it’ll probably be the spinning trick tip since that’s what I see people struggle with the most, but your feedback is always welcome.

So.. which trick tip would you like?

– Jed

ps – If you want to get access to all 3 trick tip videos (and a ton of other training tutorials), our Snowboard Trick Secrets program is re-opening soon. If you don’t want to miss out, you can get on the waitlist here.

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  1. I would probably like buttering since there aren’t very many good videos on that. It is easier to find spinning ones. Buttering or spinning.

  2. I would also prefer the buttering/flat ground tricks video. Though most people struggle with spinning correctly, there is a multitude of videos on spinning. However there is a lack of decent flatground tutorials, unless you can translate japanese.

  3. Butter, butter, butter!

  4. I think jibbing would be most beneficial, I know many people struggle with the right technique for boardslides and presses too.

  5. Jibb-butter-spin in that order……

  6. Butter me up!

  7. It would be cool if you could release a backside and frontside boardslide tutorial!

  8. 3) Buttering/Flatground

  9. There are not that many jibbing videos around that go in depth. One of those would be rad.

  10. Cj Heaney says:

    Flat ground tricks you can do them anywhere on the mountain very fun

  11. buttering/flatground

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