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If you could snap your fingers and master one snowboard skill right now, what would it be?

Entries close September 7th 2012.


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  1. I’d want to master backside spins.

  2. Buttering

  3. Last season I put a lot of time in improving switch, so I choose spinning for this, then I could master inverted tricks this season.

  4. Flips!

  5. Actually getting my board OFF the snow without killing myself!

    • Hey Slain, just did the prize draw and your name came out of the hat :) Congrats! Sending you an email now to get your details and pick your prize.

  6. Quadruple corks!!! =D

  7. i’d definitly choose to master “fear”… that the only thing that stop me to progress as fast as i want…
    cheers to all.

  8. Brad Hansen says:

    If I could master anything in snowboarding, at this current time, it would have to be psyching myself out before I go for huge air with a huge trick to follow, like a triple cork 1080!

  9. Marcus Plourde says:

    If I could master anything it would be riding with steaze, I dont care if I ever land a 12 or a double. If my riding could be super smooth and stylin that would be prime. I have seen guys make back 3′s look sicker than a double, thats what I want to master.

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