One Freestyle Practice Trick EVERY Snowboarder Should Be Using

One of the big things many snowboarders getting into freestyle struggle with is overcoming their fear of park tricks and building up confidence.. Whether it’s a fear of 50/50s, jumps, spinning or something else, it’s a roadblock every snowboarder has to learn to overcome.

Well there’s no magic trick to making that fear disappear and building up confidence, but there is a one freestyle practice trick that does help. I use it myself and I know that every good freestyle snowboard coach that I’ve ever had has taught using this exact same tactic.

Scale down the trick

Anytime you’re faced with a new technique, ask yourself this question:

Is there a way to practice this technique outside of trying it by trial and error?

You should be looking at every new trick/technique that you want to learn and finding ways to practice it in less risky and easier situations.

For example, if you’re learning 50/50s you can take the exact same technique to a basic green run and pretend that you’re hitting a box while you practice keeping your weight centered while riding on a flat base without edging, just like you would if you were riding over a real box.

You’ll notice in previous videos on our YouTube channel that I’ve used the exact same tactic for learning 360 technique by learning technique on green runs before taking them to jumps.

Anytime you learn a new trick you want to be finding ways to break down each section of the trick and figuring out an easier way to practice the technique on simpler terrain if possible.

This is what a good freestyle snowboard coach does for you, but obviously not all of us have the luxury of snowboard coaching every single time we ride, so you have to learn to do this yourself.

Try it yourself and you’ll find that nearly every snowboard trick can be broken down into pieces that you can practice on easier terrain to master technique before taking it to the feature and also build up your confidence.

That way when you do put the snowboard trick together and try it on a park feature, you’ll at least have an idea of how the technique works and have more confidence and comfort going into attempting the trick.

– Jed

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