How To Make Your Gloves Last Longer By Using Nikwax

Holes and tears in your gloves are part of snowboarding/skiing, but you can extend the life of your ski/snowboard gloves by using Nikwax from time to time.

Nikwax Glove Proof

What is Nikwax?

Nikwax is a waterproofing liquid that you can buy from many outdoor shops. It will make your gloves stay waterproof, as well as help to make the material last longer.

It comes in many types, but you’ll want these 2 products:

Nikwax Tech Wash

Nikwax Glove Proof

Both these products shouldn’t cost you more than $10 each.

How Do I Use It?

1) If your gloves are not brand new, wash your gloves with the Nikwax Tech Wash liquid. DO NOT use any normal washing detergent, only use the Nikwax Tech Wash and follow the directions on the bottle.

2) Dry the gloves. If your gloves contain leather, do not tumble dry them. Only air dry leather gloves.

3) Apply the Nikwax Glove Proof to your gloves. This will help to create a waterproofing layer around your gloves as well as slightly strengthen the durability of your gloves.

4) Done! Repeat these steps a few times each season.

Why I Recommend Nikwax

You buy new gloves for 2 reasons:

1) Your gloves are torn and full of holes

The holes in your gloves is due to rubbing icy snow and rubbing against the edges of your ski/snowboard. There’s not much you can do to avoid these things, but you can increase the durability of your gloves by making sure to maintain that Nikwax layer over your gloves.

2) They smell horrible and you can’t get the smell out.

I’ve been a victim to this many times before. After a full season or two, your gloves will get a horrible smell. Nothing gets rid of it. The smell comes back after a few days, even if you soak it in soapy water overnight.

The only solution is to stop the smell before it gets too bad. Wash your gloves from time to time with the Nikwax Tech Wash. Don’t let that nasty dirt and bacteria stay inside your gloves for too long.

ps – Am I the only one who tried to duct tape the holes in their gloves? It doesn’t work 🙁

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  1. I know that this is probably a bad necro post but I had to comment on the PS. I use hockey tape on my gloves to patch holes. It works well for patch jobs. My guess is that since it’s meant to be run across ice and taking the abuse of hockey pucks it also works with running across snow and ice on the mountain and getting jabbed by boards and bindings.

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