Becoming A Great Skier/Snowboarder – Why You Need To Fall To Improve

Sometimes, you need to fall. It’s necessary. Now don’t take this as me telling you to go and fall and break yourself, that’s not what I mean.

What I’m talking about is the fear of failure. Many people are too scared to try things because they’re worried that they’ll fail or they’ll look stupid.

We all look stupid

Guess what? We all look stupid when trying new things. What seperates the great skiers/snowboarders from everyone else is that they’re not afraid to look stupid in order to learn new things.

Yep, even that amazing snowboarder spinning corked 1080s off 70 foot jumps will look ridiculous flailing his arms in the air when trying something really new to him. It’s okay to look stupid sometimes, it’s all part of the learning process!

Look stupid, but do your homework first

That said, don’t just decide “Oh, I’m going to learn 1080s today!” and proceed to go send yourself off 75 foot jumps and break your back. You need to be prepared.

Make sure you’ve mastered the simpler tricks before trying the more advanced trick. Just as I mentioned in my trick tips suck blog, learn the 360 before the 540. Don’t skip steps in progression, that leads to pain and broken bodies.

One very useful tip that I’ve learnt from others is that you shouldn’t try a trick until a) you can picture the execution of the trick in your head and b) you’re pretty sure you can execute it and at least land on your feet if you fail

Back to being stupid

Now back to the fun stuff! Once you’ve done your research, and you’re prepared, go ahead and try it! Don’t be afraid of what you’ll look like or whether you’ll fall. It’s okay. The best athletes fall.

Here’s a big mental tip: Thinking about falling can psyche yourself out and make you actually fall.

Ask any experienced snowboarder or skier how long it took them to get to the point where they could spin a 360 and make it look easy every time. I guarantee that they’ll have a story of how it took them forever before they figured it out.

Even if it’s just something as simple as learning to ride blue runs or learning to go over a 5 foot jump, every single amazingly good skier/snowboarder went through that at some stage as well, so don’t be worried about falling or looking silly! If anything, you’ll find that many people are happy to offer advice and help you out.

Here’s something to look forward to:

It’s actually easier to learn new things after you’ve moved past the basics. Yep, you read that right. Many tricks are executed by either small changes to an existing technique or adding two techniques together. This means you’ll actually find yourself learning new tricks quicker!

Have fun on the hill and spin some 360s for me 😉

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