Gregg Davis Interview – How To Become A Snowboard Instructor

If you want to learn how to become a snowboard instructor, WATCH THIS INTERVIEW!

Gregg is not only one of the most experienced instructors in the industry, he’s also part of the American Association of Snowboard Instructors’s National Team, which literally writes the book on snowboard instruction.

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Gregg Davis

About Gregg Davis

Gregg Davis has been working in the snowboard industry for over 30 years. He’s one of the top snowboard instructors in North America and has participated as a snowboard tester for the Transworld Good Wood Board Test.

He’s also an advisor for the upcoming Transworld Trick Tips DVD, and is currently on the AASI National Team, which writes the course and training materials for snowboard instruction in the US.

Gregg isn’t pulling double corks at the X-Games or running an insanely successful business (yet!), but he’s made a living following his passions and interests, whether it’s snowboard instruction or his skateboard coaching programs.

Text Transcript

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  1. Daniel Johnson says:

    I really enjoyed the part at the end when he is asked why he loves snowboarding so much. Every snowboarder can relate to exactly what he says. A great interview.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Daniel! I really want to get back into these interviews at some point, it was really fun to do these, just got a little tricky with working around everyone’s schedule, but one day I do intend to start doing interviews again.

      • Daniel Johnson says:

        That’s great! I really enjoy them as a new snowboarder. You’re a pretty good interviewer as well. You let the people talk instead of bombard them with questions.

  2. Scott Davis says:

    A blissful trip down memory lane. I was one of those crazy Pennsylvania skaters that went snowboarding with Gregg at the golf course in the ’80s. Team POOP forever. Gregg- if you read this, it’s great to see that you’ve made boarding your life and that your infectious enthusiasm and good nature are still intact.

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