Happy Birthday To Me (plus a small request)

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Now go make 2014 the year you experience life and finally make some steps towards the life you want instead of just sitting on the sidelines dreaming about it like every other year.

– Jed

ps – I know… I still look 16, even though I’m 26 now, but I suppose that’s a good thing right?

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  1. hey jed… happy birthday to you, wish you a nice day, hopefully with your relatives as you are still on your trip … right . ?? …
    and of course, I wish you another exellent year for you and snomie… !!! i’ll have a drink to you and another one to the snomie’s community πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks Julien πŸ™‚ My trip is just finished, but I did get to see my family and friends which was nice, so you could call that an early birthday present haha.

  2. Hi Jed,
    Happy Birthday – I see youre in Brizzie, not particularly snowy; but enjoy the heatwave! πŸ™‚
    Testimonial (its not much, but I think its a strong point for you and snomie.com) –
    I am very much a new new new learner – my snowboarding attempts thus far equal three. When I came across Snomie.com I think I read every question and article. It was quite inspiring. When I had a question of my own, I felt comfortable enough to be able to ask it without feeling like I’d be shot down or receive a rude reply. And you replied quickly too.
    So yeah. That’s me.
    Cheers from NZ πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jax! Yeah, Brisbane is pretty hot, thankfully I’m headed back to Canada shortly, so fingers crossed it keeps snowing in Whistler.

  3. Happy birthday Jed! Thanks for everything and have a great day! I left what I thought was a pretty awesome testimonial.

  4. Good Luck with the new website Jed. Thanks for all your tips. Keep up the good work.

  5. Happy Birthday! Mine was a couple weeks ago, so hooray for capricorns! My New Years resolution was to nail down a “solid beginner” snowboard status. I discovered your website and all of its tremendously helpful information. Thank you for providing it all for FREE, and for remembering us little guys that are still starting out and want so much not to be afraid of speed and if falling. (Currently my right knee is purple.) I’m wondering if you have an article about the power of visualization exercises in helping to overcome specific problems? (I, for instance, am much more challenged with my toe side turn, and with remembering not to bear so much weight on my non-dominant (left) leg.) Many thanks again and again for all this excellent, accessible information! Yours, Amelie in Portland, OR

    • Thanks Amelie, glad you’re finding the site useful.

      Yep, I’ll always continue to do some free content (particularly my beginner – intermediate level guides). Even with our paid membership section running these days, I think it’s good to keep creating free guides and content for newer snowboarders to learn.

      As far as visualization goes, I think I’ve written a few blogs on it, here’s an interesting one where I talk about a study they did on visualization: http://snomie.com/mental-snowboarding-stats-picturing-trick-learn-faster/

      Thanks for supporting Snomie πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Jed,

    First I just want to congratulate you for your birthday, than for the incredible work you have developped along these years. I’ve only discovered you a bit more than a year ago but your tips have heped me to feel more confident when trying new things on my board and I guess that also helped to develop my skills.
    I have been recommending your site to my friends so you know you have now followers in Portugal and Spain!

    Regards from Portugal,

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