Do You Need To Heat Mold New Snowboard Boots?

Today’s reader question:

I just got some new snowboard boots and after breaking them in they fit well but, I’ve been told that heat molding is good for new boots. Should I heat mold my boots?

ThirtyTwo boots being heat molded

ThirtyTwo boots being heat molded

Okay, first thing, make sure your boots come with liners that are are heat moldable. You don’t want to try heat molding boots with liners that aren’t heat moldable. That would be very bad.

So, here are my thoughts on heat molding:

1) Some liners suck for heat molding

Not every liner is designed equal, even if it’s heat moldable. I’ve had some snowboard boot liners that work great with heat molding, and some that didn’t mold properly, even though they were heat moldable liners.

Do your research. A simple google search or search on one of many snowboard forums (such as will usually tell you how good your current liners are. If in doubt, just shoot a quick question at shayboarder or angrysnowboarder and they should be able to tell you.

If you find out that your current liner is heat moldable, but not very good when heat molded, don’t bother with heat molding.

2) You don’t have to heat mold if they fit already

Heat molding is meant to make it fit perfectly around your feet, but if they already fit perfectly and you’re not experiencing any pain or pressure spots, don’t bother with it.

After all, why mess with something that is working well for you already. If you wear new boots for a couple weeks and find you still get pressure spots and pain, that’s when you should start considering heat molding.

You don’t need to heat mold just because you can, especially if your boots already fit well after breaking them in. Don’t mess with a good thing 😉

Hope that answers your question!

– Jed

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