How To Frontside 360 / 540 – Getting More Spin Power & Fixing Your Timing

Welcome to our video series where I take real snowboarding footage from my students and breakdown a key mistake in their technique and how to fix it.

This week we’re looking at a frontside 360 and frontside 540, in particular we’ll be looking at getting more spin power, fixing your approach timing and body position in the air.

The important tips to remember:

1) Don’t start your final carve too early!

You should be approaching the jump take-off for your final carve at an angle. If you’re riding in a straight line as you ride up the take-off ramp, than you started your final carve too early and that means you’ve lost all the spin power from your carve.

Tip: Start your final carve as you ride up the uphill sloping take-off section of the jump.

2) Spot your landing in the right direction

You should always know which way to look for landing each trick. For a frontside 360, you need to land blind while looking back up the hill. For a frontside 540, you land looking back down the hill for a normal forward looking landing.

3) Lead with your upper body – even in the air

Don’t let your upper body un-wind and get out of position in the air – this will kill your rotation and landing. Continue to lead with your upper body slightly ahead of your lower body until you’re setting up to spot the landing and land.

The next step…

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– Jed

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  1. Hi, now I know, why I am over rotating (reverting) my 360. It is because I look for the landing instead of blind landing! Thank you I will delete this mistake!

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