How To Ollie On A Snowboard

Today’s reader question:

“How do I ollie on a snowboard?”

Straight to the point, I like that 🙂 Here’s a rough rundown of how to ollie on a snowboard and I also included a video I found which helps show the steps in motion.

How to Ollie On A Snowboard

1) Lift your front foot and shift your weight – you want to be throwing your weight into your tail, almost like you’re doing a wheelie on your tail.

2) Push down with your body weight over your tail and extend your back leg – you want to use your tail as if it was a spring and you want to spring off your tail as you continue to raise your front foot.

3) Suck up your knees and bring them closer to your chest to maximise the height of your ollie. Your front foot should go up first followed by your back foot and they should equalize and be balanced at the top of your jump.

4) Land on both feet at the same time and stomp that landing.

Here’s a video of how to ollie on a snowboard:

Hope that helps!

– Jed

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  1. Hey Jed, do u Ollie or pop onto a box or rail? In e video, it shows Ollie onto box. Can be quite difficult. 2nd qn, how do u approach the box or rail from the sides. I can’t seems to approach from the side except from the front. Like a ride on. Tks

    • You can do both, but popping is usually more stable than ollies. I usually always pop rather than ollie onto rails (unless it’s part of the trick).

      With street style rails it can be a number of things, but the most common is you aren’t hopping on properly and you’re trying to hop onto the very top of the rail. I did a blog that goes over this problem here:

      Not sure if you’re part of our Snowboard Trick Secrets training, but if you are then watch out for a video coming in the next couple weeks-ish inside the members area. I’m actually working on a video that goes over how to ride onto rails/boxes correctly.

  2. Thanks Jed, your program is full house.

    • No probs.

      Yeah had to close access to new members while I upgraded some things and got feedback from the first run of the program.

      I’ll be re-opening it up either tomorrow or the day after with a 4 part free freestyle video tip course though, so keep an eye for that 🙂

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