Progressing Faster By Identifying Your Learning Style

There are 3 main learning styles for learning new tricks and techniques, and everyone has a preference for one, whether they know it or not.

By identifying your learning style, you’ll be able to focus your learning on your best area, which means you’ll improve faster!


What are the different learning styles?

1) Auditory Learners

You learn best by listening and reading things out loud. You prefer to learn things by listening to instruction.

2) Visual Learners

You find things easiest to learn by looking at diagrams and other visual aids.

3) Kinesthetic Learners

You’re a hands on type of person. You learn best by trying things out yourself and learning from your mistakes.

What type are you?

You’ll most likely be a mix of the 3 different types, but try to identify the type that you prefer the most.

How to take advantage of your learning style

If you prefer auditory learning, look for ski/snowboard instruction that describes the trick and technique with lots of words. Look for clean, descriptive audio that really describes each step.

If you prefer visual learning, look for ski/snowboard instruction that offers diagrams and video to explain the technique. Things like arrows and on screen tips are great for visual learners.

If you prefer kinesthetic learning, get out there and try things! Just remember to take things a step at a time, otherwise you may progress too fast and end up injuring yourself.

Don’t completely ignore the other learning styles!

Just because you prefer one method of learning, don’t ignore another area completely. It can be a big advantage to you if you learn to use the other learning styles.

For example – If you’re a kinesthetic learner, you’ll still benefit from having a look at visual and audio instruction to give you a better idea of what you’ll be doing.

Good luck and happy learning!

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