How To Improve Your Snowboarding/Skiing By Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Want to know a magic trick to becoming an amazing snowboarder/skier? Goal setting.

What is goal setting?

It’s the simple act of having a list either in your head or written somewhere that lists exactly what you want to improve.

Why is this so important?

If you don’t have a goal in mind when you hit the hill each day, you’re not going to magically learn a 360. Sure your general riding might get better but it’ll be a slow and long process, which is fine too, but if you want fast progression, set a goal.

You need to step outside your comfort zone in order to improve, but often, we need that added push. Having a written list of what you want to accomplish can help give you that push.

When you do succeed and cross a trick off your list, it’s a great feeling and it’s what makes many amazing skiers/snowboarders keep progressing and wanting to learn new tricks.

What are some examples of goal setting?

EVERY single person in the terrain park that you see spinning 1080s or double corks or even just having amazing stylish 360s got there by by setting goals. It’s not just limited to snowboarding but it’s present in every single sport.

– Tony Hawk (Skateboard Legend): He talks about having a mental checklist that he kept through his whole career.

– Geoff Brown (Pro Snowboarder): Watch the interview I did a couple months ago and he mentions writing down what he needed to improve every day.

– Shaun White (Pro Snowboarder): Mentions multiple times in interviews about having his mental goal of what he’s working on.

This list can go on and go, but you get the idea. Every single athlete knows what they’re aiming for.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be new trick either, you can aim to just get better at carving or have more control down double black runs. Goal setting extends to everything within snowboarding.

How do I set a goal?

It’s simple. While some like to have it in their head, I find writing it down helps the most. Write it anywhere. In a book. On your computer. Anywhere! Just make sure you write it down.

Don’t just end your goal at one thing either. Write down some long term goals as well as short term goals.

My current goal is to learn more grabs. What’s your goal?

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