How To Change Your Riding For Freestyle Jumps – Step Downs, Step Ups & True Tables

Freestyle jumps come in many shapes and sizes, so let’s learn how each type of jump affects us and how we can alter our riding for better results.

1) Step Down Jump

Step Down Jump

What is a step down jump?

A step down jump is any jump where the landing is lower than the jump ramp. It’s also the most common type of jump because it’s the easiest to build.

How should I ride a step down jump?

You’ll want to be more careful to get your speed right on step down jumps. In particular, overshooting step down jumps is very painful. The lower the landing is, the further you fall, which means your body takes more impact from crashes.

Step down’s are still fun to ride, but you do have to be aware of the greater impact your body will encounter if you crash or overshoot/undershoot the landing.

2) Step Up Jump

Step Up Jump

What is a step up jump?

A step up jump is any jump where the landing is higher than the jump ramp.

How should I ride a step up jump?

Fast! You want to make sure you don’t undershoot a step up jump, because that may mean you faceplant into the backside of the landing.

Obviously, you don’t want to overshoot it either, but there is less impact when overshooting most step up jumps, due to the higher landing.

In addition, step ups are usually great jumps for learning new tricks. You can usually crash or fall in the landing with less pain and impact than other jumps.

3) True Table Jump

True Table Jump

What is a true table jump?

True table jumps are jumps that have landings at the same height as the take off ramp. They are pretty rare and are typically only built in higher end terrain parks.

How should I ride a true table jump?

Enjoy it and ride it until the park closes! True tables are my favorite type of jump because they feel the most natural to ride. They’re in between a step down and step up, which gives a nice balance when it comes to impact risks.

Good luck and have fun hitting jumps in the park!

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  1. Jed, I’m just curious, where do you usually ride? I feel like in Colorado, most jumps are table tops.

    • Mostly up in Whistler. We get a mix of different jumps, so it’s not too bad, thankfully the park crew mix it up a little.

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