Kid Starts Kickstarter To Pay For Snowboard Camp

So apparently 15 year old Jonas Harris really wants to spend an extra week at High Cascade Snowboard Camp because he went as far as creating his own fundraiser page and recording this video:

As I write this he’s raised $980 of the $1600 he’s requested.

Hate it or love it?

Unsurprisingly, he’s getting a lot of mixed responses. There are people donating and congratulating the kid for being pro-active and there are a lot of people hating on him because he’s essentially asking for people to fund his holiday.

Now I personally didn’t donate because honestly I thought the video was bland and didn’t say anything more than “I like snowboarding, please give me money so I can go snowboard.” I’d have been more likely to give him money if his video went more into why he loves snowboarding, his dreams, how he’s worked towards it, his goals etc. etc.

However, I have no problems with what him trying to do a kickstarter type fundraiser to get money for snowboarding. Sure it’s a ‘1st world problem’ but so are most of our problems and I can’t fault the kid for wanting to go to snowboard camp.

He saw an opportunity to try something and if he gets his money then good for him. That’s how most business in the world works and he’s not hurting anyone with his kickstarter project.

What do you think?

– Jed

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  1. as a rider of mt hood for longer than many of u have been alive.. all i can say high cascade is rediculous and paying 1600$ to ride palmer in the summer is just plain silly.. way way funner to poach that park and run like hell lol

    • Not sure how they are at high cascade with poaching, but in Whistler at Camp of Champs they’re very watchful for poachers and they take passes away from people that get caught.

  2. Jed,
    I’m the guy behind RallyMe. I’m a former pro bump skier and I’ve made a few films in the winter sports realm (Edge of Never, Ready To Fly, etc). I started RallyMe so that young and promising athletes in all sports (but especially mountain sports) could progress by asking their friends, family, and fellow riders for a small amount of help. There’s plenty of money out there that’s wasted on crap, and helping a kid reach for his athletic dreams is well worth contributing to. I’m stoked that Jonas took the initiative to launch a Rally on our platform. I talked to him on the hill at Snowbird yesterday and he’s great kid. Oh, and he rips. I would’ve liked to have seen more of his vision and drive come through in the video too, but it’s hard to get your real self on film. Anyway, the answer to your question: I love it and welcome more athletes like Jonas to take the bull by the horns, get on RallyMe, and tell the world you’re serious about riding to the top.
    Bill Kerig

    • Very cool. I’ll be watching to see how RallyMe develops.

      I definitely think there’s room for some creative thinking athletes to do some interesting things with the platform.

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