How To Land Backside 180 On A Snowboard

Today’s question:

I’m having problems with landing backside 180s. I over-rotate on landing and revert into a 360 on the ground. How do I fix this?

So the landing basically comes down to these things:

1) You have to land ‘blind’

With any backside 180, you need to look back uphill and between your feet as you land. Don’t look downhill for the landing or you will end up over-rotating into a backside 360.

By looking back uphill you force your upper body to stop rotating, which stops your lower body from rotating because your lower body follows your upper body when you spin.

2) Switch riding is crucial

You need to be very comfortable with switch riding if you want to do freestyle and in particular any trick which has a switch landing, such as a backside 180.

This means you should be doing some switch riding every day you ride on the hill, even if it’s just a few runs at the end of the day. You have to get your switch riding up to a solid level otherwise you’ll never be comfortable with landing switch and will end up reverting a lot.

3) Ride away switch for 5-10 seconds

One thing I see a lot is people who land a backside 180 (or other switch landing) and immediately after landing they consider the trick over and hop back to regular.

Don’t do this. You want to ride away switch and keep riding switch for a little bit after landing (usually 5 seconds is a good rough number).

This forces you to get comfortable with not just landing switch, but riding away switch, which is what will fight that feeling of needing to revert to regular after you land switch.

Hope that answers your question!

– Jed

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  1. Should i land flat base on every spin trick I do?

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