How To Land A Cliff Drop – 3 Simple Snowboard Tips

Today’s reader question:

I always bail when I try to do cliff drops (even small drops). Got any tips?

Sure, first here’s the compulsory cliff drop montage:

Okay so now here are some basic tips that will help you stomp those cliff drops:

1) Square up before riding off

If you aren’t balanced when you ride off the cliff, you’re going to start drifting off balance in the air and you don’t want that for obvious reasons.

Before riding off any cliff drop, make sure you square up your body so you aren’t leaning over your nose or carving hard on an edge. You want to cruise off that cliff drop as if you were riding in a straight line towards the landing area.

2) Carry a little forward momentum

A lot of people tend to inch off their first cliff drop, which is fine if it’s a small 5-10 foot drop, but ideally you want to carry a little speed into your drop to keep your momentum going forward when you land.

Obviously I’m not saying send it at 40 miles an hour off the cliff because you’ll end up missing the entire landing, but I mean don’t stop 1 inch away from the cliff drop and just jump straight down because then you have no forward momentum to help you ride away.

Your goal with speed is to roll into the cliff drop with enough speed to have momentum to carry you forward when you land, but not so fast that you’re going to miss the entire landing area.

How much speed you’ll need totally depends on each individual cliff drop, but figuring this out is half the fun and difficulty of any cliff drop.

3) Spot your landing

As soon as you ride off the cliff drop, you should be focused on looking at the spot you’re going to land. You want to have your legs and knees ready to absorb the landing, which means you need to know exactly when and where you’ll be landing.

I know the first few times you do a cliff drop it’s all going to be a bit of a blur when you’re in the air, but try to focus on looking for the landing anyway.

You may not be able to spot the landing the first time, but keep trying and after a few tries you should start becoming used to being airborne and you’ll be able to focus and spot exactly where you’re going to land.

So there are 3 tips you can start using right away. Hope this helps you out.

– Jed

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