How To Land Perfect Frontside Boardslides On A Snowboard

Welcome to our video series where I take real snowboarding footage from my students and breakdown a key mistake in their technique and how to fix it.

This week we’re looking at frontside boardslides, in particular we’ll be looking at frontside boardslides with a regular landing.

The trick to the perfect frontside boardslide to regular (hint… it’s all in the body positioning):

The important tips to remember:

1) Twist your upper and lower body in opposite directions

Remember, the key to a perfect frontside boardslide to regular is all in the body rotation. You want to twist your upper body one way, and your lower body the other way.

Think of it like bowling a ball as you bring your back hand forward and kick your back leg horizontal.

2) Push your heels down (keep that board flat)

The biggest mistake once landing is landing toe heavy. That’s where 9/10 people faceplant because they aren’t keeping their board flat.

To fix this, aim to push your heels down and flat as you slide across the box. You always want to keep your board flat against the box as you slide across during the frontside boardslide.

The next step…

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– Jed

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