Is It Ever Too Late To Progress Your Snowboarding?

Today’s reader question:

I’m in my 30s and I just started snowboarding… am I too old to start getting into snowboarding and seeing progress in my riding? Am I too far behind to catch up?

No. Absolutely not too late. Fun fact, the average reader age for is 25-45, so you’re in good company.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) It’s doesn’t take long to become a decent snowboarder

Even if you’re completely new, it doesn’t take many days on snow to become a good snowboarder. There’s a steep learning curve at the start, but once you get past those first few days you’ll start to understand a lot of things and you stop falling on every run.

The amount of time it actually takes to go from being a beginner riding groomed runs to someone who can hit tree run runs and small park features isn’t huge. It’s easily doable if you’re willing to put in the time to get out there and go snowboard.

I’ve found it’s more the willingness to try that matters a lot more than age when it comes to seeing progress in your snowboarding.

2) Time on snow beats no. of years snowboarding

A lot of people who started snowboarding a long time ago don’t actually have that many days on snow. A couple holidays a year, 2 day weekends here and there, that’s what the average snowboarder has under his/her belt.

Do just one season living at a ski resort (or near a ski resort… ie Vancouver) and you’ll have more days on the snow than many snowboarders have in their whole life. The average Whistler local snowboarding most days is getting 100-200 days on snow in 1 season.

I guarantee you that if you do just one full season on snow you’re going to be better than most snowboarders already (even more so if you take any lessons during that time).

Heck, even just going regularly on the weekends for a whole season will get you a lot of time to progress.

3) Private training is amazing for fast progress

I should add that if you really want to become a good snowboarder quickly, then get some private lessons. A few days of private snowboard lessons can take you from total beginner to making turns down blue runs quite easily.

Not to mention there are a ton of camps now that teach adults specifically, such as my friends at Pro-Ride Camps here in Whistler.

Spend a week or two in a good private snowboard camp and you’ll see HUGE improvements in a very short amount of time, no matter what age you are right now.

I remember some guys in snowboard camps that were 40-50 and that were still having fun and improving their riding. So basically I’m saying no, you’re not too old to progress.

One more thing…

The important thing take thing to keep in mind is to take things one step at a time. The only downside of age is you don’t bounce back as easily from falls, that’s why it’s important to be smart with how you learn.

Work your way up to difficult tricks and techniques. Don’t just jump in without a plan. Take everything one step at a time and ease your way into it. You WILL need to take risks, but aim to take the smart ones.

Besides that, get out there and go for it.

– Jed

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