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The Snomie website as you know it will be changing. Don’t panic, you’ll still be able to come to and get snowboard tips, videos and blogs, but I’m changing the entire site around.

A couple months ago I said I wanted to change from our daily snowboard tip blogs to doing longer, more detailed snowboard guides and lessons. Well there was one big issue I had to solve before I could do that and I couldn’t figure out a solution… until now.

The problem:

It’s easy to find the latest snowboard guides/blogs that I add because they’re on the front page of Snomie, but older guides get lost and buried when I add a new guide or blog post. Eventually there’s just so many snowboard tips/lessons on the blog that finding what you want becomes a pain in the butt.

For example, if I do a huge, detailed guide on improving your spin technique on 360s, it’ll eventually end up buried under 50 other guides and when you want to go find that guide you have to search your way through all those guides to find the one you want.

Introducing ‘Snowboard Shred School’:

Snowboard Shred School

To make our upcoming guides and lessons easy to access and use, I’m creating a whole new section on Snomie called the ‘Snowboard Shred School’.

You know how universities and schools have their own student sites where you can login and access your lectures, lessons, tutorials and it’s organized nicely into each class for you? This will be the same, except it’ll be 100% free to join our online Snowboard Shred School and the lessons/tutorials will be all about snowboarding.

For example, if you wanted some carving tutorials to improve your turning, you’d just login to our free Snowboard Shred School, go to our section on riding technique and click the guide on carving. That way every time I add a new guide/tutorial, it’ll be nicely organized and you guys will be able to find it easily when you need it.

Basically the new will have 3 parts:

  1. Our blog (where I add behind the scenes vlogs and non-lesson snowboard content)
  2. Snowboard Shred School (where you can join for free and get free video lessons and snowboard guides)
  3. Snowboard Shred School Pro (our current paid Snowboard Trick Secrets training where I teach more in-depth freestyle and give extra coaching and lessons)

How to make sure you don’t miss out on free sign ups:

Make sure you’re on our email list (anyone who signs up for our free trick tip videos here is on our list). I’ll be sending out an email later this month to let you guys know when sign ups are open for Snowboard Shred School, and I’ll also do a blog to announce it when it goes live.

I’ll be doing a member’s only prize draw during the launch of our new free Snowboard Shred School, so you won’t want to miss out on signing up for a free account… unless you don’t like winning a free snowboard 🙂

Oh and for current paid VIP members of Snomie, you guys won’t have to do anything since your membership account will automatically allow you to access both the new free member’s area as well as our paid member’s area.

One more thing (and a surprise!)

By the way, the blog won’t disappear. The blog section of Snomie will still be here as a place for me to put up vlogs and regular snowboard content that isn’t a lesson or guide… oh and the blog will also be where I put our podcast episodes.

Yep, you heard me right, long time readers of Snomie will remember the Snomie podcast where I interviewed pro snowboarders and got them to share their story and advice (old episodes here). Well I’m bringing back the podcast with some changes.

I’m still working out the details for this, but get excited because the Snomie podcast will be returning 🙂

– Jed

ps – If you don’t want to miss out on our new free Snowboard Shred School membership, make sure you’re on our email list by signing up for our free lessons here.

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  1. snowbender says:

    Thought webiste died before actually rreading this post.That’s nice Jed…

    And really is gonna be shut down?Why?

    • Nope, the site is still alive and well haha. will still be here, so nothing is shutting down, but I’ll just be changing the structure a little to add a new free membership section where I’ll upload more detailed snowboard lessons and guides.

      You’ll still be able to access it all via 🙂

  2. ffuuuu..) Great news!!! I also worried and thought you gave up with the site.. Thanks Jed! I following you) Keep going please))

    • Sorry to worry you 😉 I know the updates have been slow for the blog lately. I’ve been really busy with recording/editing videos for the paid member’s area of Snomie, then I ended up travelling a lot during the Christmas break so I had a good stretch where I didn’t have proper internet access.

      Good to be back though and thanks for the support!

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