Learning Backflips In A Day – Snowboard Progression Done Right

One of the things that annoys me the most is knowing that out of everyone that ends up on this snowboard blog, only a small percentage of them will make any real progress towards their snowboard goal.

The fact is most snowboarders suck at taking action. They just read a bunch of snowboard tips and watch some trick tip videos and expect to improve without putting in the work and practice to get those tips to work.

That’s why today I wanted to hi-light one of our readers who’s doing things right.

Snowboard progression done right

I woke up the other day to this message from one of our readers:

Luke - Snomie Feedback

Here’s the video he attached of himself learning backflips:

I’m really stoked for him! Luke is one of the guys inside our private Snowboard Trick Secrets training program, and it’s awesome to see him taking action on the training and getting results.

He learnt to backflip not because he watched some snowboard videos and tips, but because he then took action and put the tips to work, so congrats Luke and keep up the good work 🙂

– Jed

ps: We just re-opened the Snowboard Trick Secrets program for anyone who’s interested in joining. You can check it out here and watch 3 free lessons from the course (plus join at the end if you’re interested).

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  1. How I wish we got powder snow where I lived! Over here, one failed attempt at a backflip could leave you with a broken neck

    • Yeah those powder jumps are definitely a huge advantage when it comes to learning inverts.

      Nothing beats a nice soft powder landing for risky tricks. I think you almost get spoiled if you live somewhere like Whistler. It just becomes a regular thing to go build a powder jump every time one of your friends wants to learn inverts.

    • That’s just how you learn!!! 😛

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