Top 3 Lightweight & Low Profile Snowboard Helmets To Protect Your Head

If you’re going to snowboard a lot, you’re going to fall and you will hit you head. That’s just part of our sport and that’s why many of us choose to wear helmets.

However, there are a couple problems with wearing a helmet:

  1. Many helmets make your head look like a giant egg
  2. Helmets can be uncomfortable to wear during the day

The solution: Buy a lightweight and low profile snowboard helmet that’s going to protect your brain, stay comfortable all day and won’t make your head look like a giant egg.

3 Lightweight & Low Profile Snowboard Helmets:

I went helmet shopping at the start of this season and I tried on an insane amount of helmets, so here are the 3 lightweight, low profile snowboard helmets that really impressed me this year:

1) Smith Maze Helmet

Smith Maze Helmet - low profile snowboard helmets

Weight: 11.5 oz / 330 grams

The Smith Maze helmet is the lightest certified snowboard helmet in the world and it’s definitely noticably light when you pick it up.

I tried on this helmet while helmet shopping earlier this season and was immediately surprised at how light they’ve been able to make this helmet. Not only that, but it has an extremely low profile helmet design that avoids the dreaded egg head effect.

This helmet is becoming very popular this season for a very good reason. It’s a great all-round, lightweight, low profile snowboard helmet.

2) K2 Rival / Rival Pro Helmet

K2 Rival Pro Lightweight Snowboard Helmets

Weight: 13.9 oz / 394 grams

You’ll notice immediately that the K2 Rival / Rival Pro snowboard helmet looks very similar to the Smith Maze helmet above. While not quite as light as the Smith Maze, it’s only 64 grams heavier at 394 grams.

One thing I really liked about this helmet, besides the low-profile, lightweight design, was the adjustable inner liner that had dials to adjust and custom fit the liner to your head size for that perfect helmet fit.

Not only that, but the liner was removable and washable, which I like since I wear my helmets during warm, sweaty spring riding weather. Overall, I was very impressed with the combination of tech with lightweight / low profile design in the K2 Rival snowboard helmet.

3) Ride Ninja Helmet

Ride Ninja Low Profile Snowboard Helmet

Weight: 13.4 oz / 380 grams

Ride re-tooled their helmet line a little this year and I really like the improvements they made to the Ride Ninja helmet. It’s super lightweight and low profile like last year, except they improved the fit and shape of the helmet.

It also has a similar dial system to tighten the liner of the helmet to get the perfect fit, like the K2 Rival, and honestly the dial system is a feature I love since I’m very particular about getting the perfect fit with my helmets.

Very impressed with the improvements they made and I put it on par with the Smith Maze and K2 Rival snowboard helmets.

So which helmet should I pick?

I’d lean towards the Smith Maze if you want the bare bones helmet with the lightest possible weight. There’s no fancy dial adjustment system for the liner, but if all you’re after is the basic helmet that’s super lightweight and low profile, that would be my pick.

If you want the dial system, I honestly couldn’t feel the weight difference between the K2 Rival and the Ride Ninja helmets. With such similar features, it’s basically going to be down to trying them on yourself and seeing which fits best and which style you prefer.

Personally, I liked the K2 Rival the best of these 3 helmets, but that’s my preference because it fit my head really well and I love the dial system, but honestly you can’t go wrong with any of these 3 helmets.

All 3 are very lightweight and low profile snowboard helmets that should keep you comfortable while snowboarding all day long.

– Jed

ps – Make sure you bring your goggles with you to the shop when you try on helmets. That way you’ll know which has the best fit with your goggles as well as which fits your head the best.

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  1. I thought you would’ve gone for the Ninja for sure? 🙂

  2. First I didnt want to use a helm, but everbody on my team uses one and they pull off some crazy stuff. So I was to buy the K2 rival pro and use it for indoor freestyle. And I dont even notice that I got it on.
    It has even got audio system in the ear lining. And got it for 70 euros in Amsterdam.
    Thnx voor the tip Jed, love you blog and way of thinking

  3. Hi do you know if the Ride Ninja’s allow you to remove the original audio component so you can put your own in? Thinking of replacing it with a Skull Candy Audio setup.

    • Well I know the earpads are removable, but not sure about removing just the audio component inside. I don’t think removable audio components are available though (although I’m sure there’a DIY way to change the audio components yourself).

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