This Is Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Most Snowboard Advice

Let’s talk about something really important today… please stop listening to all the random snowboard advice you see. I know this is weird for me to say as someone who runs a snowboard tips/training blog, but most of the advice you read online is horrible.

You have to be very, very careful about who you listen to and what advice they give because if you search for help online, you’ll find 1 good piece of advice for every 10 horrible tips you find.

For example, I was browsing one of the snowboard reddits and saw this posted in a thread asking “What’s the biggest jump you’ve hit?”:

Bad Snowboard Tips Example

No. Just no. That’s how you end up injured. You do not learn to hit 60 foot jumps by screwing them up over and over until you get them right.

You learn big jumps by perfecting jump technique on smaller jumps than applying the same technique to bigger jumps. You most definitely do not use trial and error on a 60 foot jump.

Sadly, this is the kind of thing I see all the time. People who shouldn’t be giving advice who offer really bad advice from their own experience and get other people doing the wrong thing as well.

Please – if you ever read snowboard advice on the internet (even from me), the first question you should be asking is “Does this guy know what he’s talking about?”

The internet is a great tool and it’s insanely useful to have access to so many snowboarders with a click of a mouse, but it also means there’s a lot of bad advice you need to filter out before you get to the few gold nuggets buried under everything else.

– Jed

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  1. Also willing to wager that the 60-footer was really a 30-footer.

    Most people measure jumps with the same ruler they use to measure their dicks.

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