How Do You Measure The Size & Shape Of A Jump?

We got another good question from Daniel Huong:

How do you measure the size of a jump?

Good question and the answer isn’t as simple as many may think.

Jump Sizes

Jumps are usually measured from the take off point to the landing. The distance between those two places is the size of the jump. However, that doesn’t measure the shape and airtime of a jump.

Jump Size

Jump Shape & Airtime

Two jumps of the same length, may not be the same shape. Some jumps send the rider higher up, while others may send you the same distance, but keep you lower to the ground.

Jump Airtime

For example:

A 50 foot ‘big air’ jump may send the rider upwards 20 feet, while a normal 50 foot jump may only send the rider up 10 feet.

What does this mean for me?

You need to be more careful on jumps that send you further upwards, because they increase the amount of impact you take if you fall.

In addition, jumps that send you further upwards, tend to have very steep landings to match the steep takeoff. This means it’s not only easier to overshoot the landing, but you also fall a lot further if you overshoot.

Hope that answers your question!

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