Never-Ending Snowboard Jib Circle (This Is Genius!)

Normally I don’t post random snowboards videos… but this is just awesome. This guy is a genius and he deserves his own blog post today.

– Jed

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  1. Alisdair says:

    Have to agree! How good was that, eh?:))

  2. Kevin D. says:

    Easy, great fun, cost-effective and a perfect training for the legs. What else does a snowboarder need?

  3. This is cool! But a lot of work for one tiny rail 🙂
    Could be a good idea for bigger parks tho. It always annoys me that half of the day I am sitting in a chairlift….

    • Dominik, that’s a great idea. They have enough snow to build that.
      I think that it will be difficult though, because the slope can’t be too steep.
      Maybe it’s a good idea to build it at the bottom of the slopes because it’s more flat and you won’t even need a lift pass then.

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