What Happens When Your Non-Techy Mom Tries To Join Your Email List

This is slightly off-topic for a snowboard blog, but I found something extremely amusing in my inbox this month.

The backstory

As you guys know, I email you a free snowboard gear guide if you sign up to receive our snowboard tips. However, before we’re allowed to email you anything we have to do what’s called a ‘double opt-in’ to confirm your email address and meet anti-spam requirements.

This means after entering your email, our system sends out an automated email with a link you need to click to confirm your email.

What happened next…

Mom Not Robot

It seems my mom tried to join the Snomie.com email list, but I’m not sure she totally understood the automated message.

– Jed

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  1. Ahahahaha. This is epic !

  2. that’s sooo sweet…..

    • Yeah, I’m definitely lucky to have pretty awesome parents who always support whatever I do… even if they don’t quite understand what I’m doing haha.

  3. Superb! A robot could never be this funny! 🙂

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