Snomie Easter Giveaway – Win A Snowboard Addiction DVD Trick Tip!

Time for an Easter giveaway! How To Enter: 1) Check out our facebook page wall for details: Snomie Facebook We'll do the prize draw on the 9th and whoever's name we pick out first will win the prize below! Entries close April … [Continue reading]

Want To Keep Your Face Warm? Solution: The Beardo Beard Hat!

Beardo Beard Hat

I'm a BIG fan of facemasks like the Airhole, but I know that a lot of you guys find them itchy and annoying... well here's an innovative solution that also looks AWESOME (to me at least). Introducing: The Beardo Beard Hat What is it? The Beardo … [Continue reading]

Why Not Being Safe In Tree Runs Can Get You Killed

I've always said you need to be safe when riding tree runs / gladed terrain, this video shows why: Tree Wells What you saw above is called a tree well and one wrong turn can result in getting stuck in one of these holes. They tend to form along … [Continue reading]

Waterproof Your iPhone / Android Phone For Snowboarding Using Liquipel?

Liquipel - waterproof your iphone

  If you haven't heard of Liquipel, it's a new company that offers to 'waterproof your device'. I can't help but think that would be pretty neat for snowboarding with my iPhone (if I didn't want to use a waterproof case). Their … [Continue reading]

Snowboard Trick Tip: Tap Front Board – Adding Style To Simple Tricks

Indy Grab Nosepoke

Let's do a little hybrid blog today - I'm going to give you a trick tip video and I'll also expand a little into why it's important to learn tricks like the tap front board. Many snowboarders who start to learn freestyle seem to think you have to … [Continue reading]