3 Methods To Help Force You To Learn New Snowboard Tricks

Whistler Jump

Today's reader question: I freak out when I'm about to try a new trick, any tips to stay calm? What you're feeling is totally normal, so don't worry! Every single one of us freaks out when we're learning something new. It took me 2 days to work up … [Continue reading]

Snomie Easter Giveaway – Win A Snowboard Addiction DVD Trick Tip!

Time for an Easter giveaway! How To Enter: 1) Check out our facebook page wall for details: Snomie Facebook We'll do the prize draw on the 9th and whoever's name we pick out first will win the prize below! Entries close April … [Continue reading]

Want To Keep Your Face Warm? Solution: The Beardo Beard Hat!

Beardo Beard Hat

I'm a BIG fan of facemasks like the Airhole, but I know that a lot of you guys find them itchy and annoying... well here's an innovative solution that also looks AWESOME (to me at least). Introducing: The Beardo Beard Hat What is it? The Beardo … [Continue reading]

Why Not Being Safe In Tree Runs Can Get You Killed

I've always said you need to be safe when riding tree runs / gladed terrain, this video shows why: Tree Wells What you saw above is called a tree well and one wrong turn can result in getting stuck in one of these holes. They tend to form along … [Continue reading]

Waterproof Your iPhone / Android Phone For Snowboarding Using Liquipel?

Liquipel - waterproof your iphone

  If you haven't heard of Liquipel, it's a new company that offers to 'waterproof your device'. I can't help but think that would be pretty neat for snowboarding with my iPhone (if I didn't want to use a waterproof case). Their … [Continue reading]