Ridiculous – Apparently Skiing Is The Same As Snowboarding?


I rarely do snowboard news on this blog since I believe news is better left to news specific websites, but every now and then something that everyone should read comes up. This is one of those rare news articles: The Olympic FIS committee are … [Continue reading]

Are ‘Boa’ Snowboard Boot Laces Good? Do They Work?

dc boa snowboard boot

Today's reader question: A lot of boots come with boa laces, are they any good? Personally, I prefer regular laces, however, I have tried boa technology in boots before and here are my thoughts. Is boa better? Well, it depends what you're looking … [Continue reading]

Study Shows The Real Truth About Male Snowboarders

Snowboards get the girls

Finally, the truth comes out! - Jed … [Continue reading]

The Big Problems With Snowboard Reviews Plus What Makes A Good Review

How many snowboards is too many?

Snowboard reviews are huge. Every major snowboard magazine does snowboard reviews and so do many independent websites. Check any snowboard forum and at least 75% of the posts are asking about buying snowboards. There's a lot of reviews out there, … [Continue reading]

Are You Screwing Up Your Own Snowboard Progression? Tigger Vs Eeyore


I'm a big fan of psychology and how the mental game affects our snowboarding, so let's look at some basic psychology that might surprise you and hopefully make you a better snowboarder. How your thinking can actually make you a worse … [Continue reading]