The Big Problems With Snowboard Reviews Plus What Makes A Good Review

How many snowboards is too many?

Snowboard reviews are huge. Every major snowboard magazine does snowboard reviews and so do many independent websites. Check any snowboard forum and at least 75% of the posts are asking about buying snowboards. There's a lot of reviews out there, … [Continue reading]

Are You Screwing Up Your Own Snowboard Progression? Tigger Vs Eeyore


I'm a big fan of psychology and how the mental game affects our snowboarding, so let's look at some basic psychology that might surprise you and hopefully make you a better snowboarder. How your thinking can actually make you a worse … [Continue reading]

Very Cool: Custom Designed Snowboard Car Is EPIC

686 Custom Designed Scion Snowboard Car

This is awesome. It's a snowboard inspired car designed by 686 and Scion. I'm not sure how practical it actually is, but still very cool to see a snowboard inspired car. Here's the behind the scenes/backstory for the car: Now, another … [Continue reading]

Trick Tip: How To Backflip On A Snowboard

One of our readers wanted to know how to do a backflip, so I've collected the best video tutorial I could find and combined it with some additional tips below. How To Backflip On A Snowboard Video tutorial: Additional backflip tips: The … [Continue reading]

How Weather Affects Your Snowboarding & How To Adapt Your Riding

How to adjust your riding based on the weather and slope conditions

What makes snowboarding different from most other sports? Highly variable conditions and terrain. Your favourite run on one day could easily be an icy deathtrap next week. What this means, is that we need to adjust our riding to avoid getting … [Continue reading]