Does The Total Weight Of Your Snowboard Setup Matter? Is Lighter Better?

Does snowboard gear weight matter?

Today's reader question: I'm looking at the new Burton Genesis snowboard bindings and I've heard they're really, really light. Does the weight of my setup actually matter? Are you going to stomp huge tricks that you couldn't before or learn faster … [Continue reading]

Improve Your Snowboarding – 3 Steps To Master Your Goals

Goal Setting

One of the biggest reasons people fail to improve their snowboarding is they don't hold themselves accountable. What this means is they'll say "I want to learn to do a 360" and weeks will pass by with nothing going on. If you want to improve you … [Continue reading]

One Of The Best Snowboard Film Crews You’ve Never Heard Of

So who's the crew in the video above? Well, let me tell you about 'Crapneto' A few years ago in Whistler (or possible a lot longer) there was a film crew known as Crapneto. Their videos were some of the most enjoyable I've watched, with one part … [Continue reading]

Ridiculous – Apparently Skiing Is The Same As Snowboarding?


I rarely do snowboard news on this blog since I believe news is better left to news specific websites, but every now and then something that everyone should read comes up. This is one of those rare news articles: The Olympic FIS committee are … [Continue reading]

Are ‘Boa’ Snowboard Boot Laces Good? Do They Work?

dc boa snowboard boot

Today's reader question: A lot of boots come with boa laces, are they any good? Personally, I prefer regular laces, however, I have tried boa technology in boots before and here are my thoughts. Is boa better? Well, it depends what you're looking … [Continue reading]