Top 10 Highest Paid Snowboarders & Skiers

Picture of Shaun White

These were the highest paid snow athletes based on last known figures from 2009 and 2010. These numbers are a best estimate based on their last known prize winnings, sponsorships and bonuses. Notable athletes missing from this list: Jon Olsson - … [Continue reading]

How To Buy A Snowboard – 5 Things You Need to Know


You've finally saved up enough money to buy a new snowboard! Great! So how do you pick a snowboard that's right for you? To choose a snowboard, you'll need to decide on 5 main areas: Size, Flex, Width, Shape & Camber. Don't worry if you don't … [Continue reading]

5 Important Steps To Prevent Injuries

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Injuries suck. As a friend once said, "Injuries are a negative 5 on the fun meter." Here are some important steps to prevent injury: 1) Push yourself but don't take it too far You need to step outside your comfort zone if you want to improve … [Continue reading]

It’s ‘Cool’ to Hate Shaun White? Why?

If you're not an avid snow fan you may be surprised to know that Shaun White is not only loved by many, but hated by just as many in the snow community. I mentioned this briefly in yesterday's post on '3 Things We can Learn From Shaun White'. The … [Continue reading]

3 Things We Can Learn From Shaun White

Love him or hate him, but with 2 Olympic gold medals and 11 Winter X-Games medals, Shaun White has arguably become the most successful snowboarder in the history of the sport. If you're not big into the snowboard community you might be wondering … [Continue reading]